Thursday, March 14, 2013

What I Wore | Walk the Line

::What I'm Wearing::
Maxi-Skirt as a Dress -- Target
White Halftee -- c/o Halftee
Jean Jacket -- Express via Thrift Store
Leopard Skinny Belt -- Forever 21
Peacock Earrings -- Payless Shoes 
Moccasins -- Payless Shoes
Mint Green Nail Polish -- Revlon in Minted
Coral Nail Polish -- Tillie in Beach Babe

Hello everyone! It may only be in the 30s & 40s outside, but in my head it is springtime and time to pull out all of my favorite warmer weather clothing. I've come to the conclusion that Spring & Summer are my favorite seasons -- as they make me feel so happy. Well, besides the early spring weather which brings me terrible allergies. I decided to pull out one of my favorite maxi skirts to wear as a dress (mostly because the waistband has become too tight around my waist) with my halftee underneath. What I love about the halfee's is that you don't get any added bulk around the waist when wearing these, like you would get while wearing a tank or cami. 

Do you like to wear maxi skirts as dresses?


  1. I've worn a strapless dress as a maxi skirt. It is one of my favorite articles of clothing. (I actually wore it on my blog recently).

  2. I work in a store, and summer collections are arriving next week, which is a little crazy even here in Texas. At least it'll be on sale by the time you're ready to buy it, right?

  3. Actually I like wearing maxi dresses as skirts! LOL!
    Super cute outfit, Ashley!
    Strangely, here in Montana it was 60 deg today! I spent about 45 minutes outside soaking up sunshine! Crazy weather this year!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. You look so cute! I can't wait for spring/summer, too! <3

  5. So cute, and ever so clever :)
    I'm not one at all for maxi skirts/maxi skirts turned into dresses... Just not my style ;) Looks super on you though! I'm seriously diiieeeiiinnnggg for spring/summer!!! The first day of Spring is just a week or so away!! Yipee :D Let's just hope it doesn't snow on that day... lol


  6. What a good idea! Super cute outfit. :)

  7. Hey Ashley, it's Leah from Ordinary, Slightly Crazy. I'm in the central Indiana area & the Flower & Patio Show is on right now. There is a booth there that is selling all sorts of classic movies & TV shows. I saw the movie "My Six Loves" there. I can get you the gentleman's e-mail address if you'd wish to order from him.


  8. Thanks girls! :D

    @Eowyn -- Ooh...that's a great idea. :)

    @Emily -- Isn't it crazy how fast the fashion industry moves?!? That is trues though, I'm usually buying all my Summer clothes in the Summer when all the Fall clothes are coming out in stores. :)

    @Natasha -- That is crazy that Montana weather is sometimes warmer then Indiana, you wouldn't think that would be so at all. :p

    @Charlotte -- I can't wait for the first day of Spring either!! I hope it doesn't snow, as we will be serving a luncheon for the elderly in our Church that day and our theme is Spring/St. Patricks Day. :)

    @Leah -- That would be awesome, if you could get the gentlemen's e-mail address for me. Do you remember how much he was selling the movie for at all? Btw, if you don't mind me asking, do you live near the central Indiana area? As I do!! :D


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