Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Accessories Guide

There aren’t many of us who aren’t lovers of spring. The smell of freshly cut grass, the ability to enjoy a casual walk through the streets on a warm but crisp spring evening, and of course the blessing of lighter nights and bright mornings. 

However, with the arrival of spring, forces the departure of winter, which ideally means the need for a whole new wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I love my winter boots and thick cardigans, but nothing beats being able to take that step out of your front door in a pair of comfortable sandals, and feel the warmth on the tops of your feet.

So, whether your ladies are ready or not, I have picked some of the  best spring looks for all of us wanting to stay fashionable, but also staying modest on those days it is slightly too warm for comfort. Nautical It would be very unlikely for a modern day girl to be able to afford to own a luxury yacht; however this doesn’t mean we can’t look like we do.  White linen trousers  and a soft cotton striped T-shirt are  the perfect spring look to keep us cool, but also shade us from those troublesome drafts that spring can sometimes bring.

As we are coming into spring, it is the perfect time to get out all of our beautiful dresses, however that doesn’t need to mean they should be short and unforgiving.  Spring can sometimes mean wearing lighter colours and bright tops; a darker patterned dress can have just the same effect as a neon pink blouse.  The beautiful thing about wearing patterns is that anyone can pull off this look. They are the best way to hide any unforgiving lumps and bumps us curvy girls want to get rid of. Patterns are the comfortable option, however also look stylish and very much in with the fashion trends for this season

I know I said that you don’t need to wear neons to look in fashion, however I couldn’t help but include this gorgeous neon outfit. Neons can sometimes have the ability to look trashy and a little too much, however these are just the right amount, with a sprinkling of subtle colour to give you that beautiful spring look.
Spring is a wonderful time for us all, so don’t be shy in your outfit choices, just remember you can still have fashion, a pair of comfortable shoes and more importantly, stay modest during the warmer months.

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  1. I love your tips :) I have a horrible spring and summer wardrobe . . . I really need to work on that! And I adore my sweaters. I'm going to be sad to have to put them all away for six months :(


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