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TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Event

Glee - Gossip Girl - New Girl - Once Upon a Time
Are y'all ready for the first blog event of 2013? Well, I hope you are because come March 3rd through the 9th Bramblewood Fashion is hosting the first ever, TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Blog Event! It is going to be so much fun!!  

Of course you are wondering, how is this event going to work? What movies & TV shows will be used for the event? What if I have never seen them? I'm glad you asked. For each day of the week there will be a set theme for your outfits, you will then take pictures of your outfit and post them on your blog. Once your post is live you will then link-up your post to the link-y on my blog each day. It is alright if you have never seen any of shows/movies I suggest for your outfit inspiration, as some of my suggestions for outfit ideas will be from shows I've never seen myself -- I just like to get outfit inspiration from them.

Blog Event Schedule
  • Sunday -- 1900s - 1920s (Downton Abbey, Sarah Plain and Tall series, Christy, Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea, etc...) 
  • Monday -- 1940s (Captain America, Laura, Magic of Ordinary Days, Roy Rogers films, Shadow of a Doubt, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Bachelor & the Bobby-Soxer, The Story of Seabiscuit, etc...)
  • Tuesday -- 1950s (It Happened to Jane, Roman Holiday, Sabrina, High Society, Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much, I Love Lucy, The Donna Reed Show, etc...)
  • Wednesday -- 1960s (That Girl!, Gidget, An Education, How to Steal a Million, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Help, That Funny Feeling, Mad Men, etc...)
  • Thursday -- 1990s - 2010s (Sherlock, Leap Year, Decoy Bride, New Girl, Sleepless in Seattle, Gossip Girl, etc...)
  • Friday -- Fantasy/Fairytale/Sci-fi (Doctor Who, LOTR, Enchanted, Chronicles of Narnia, Avengers Films, Once Upon a Time, etc..)  
  • Saturday -- Your Favorite Movie/TV Show
What You Need to Know

When is the event? -- March 3rd through the 9th (Sunday - Saturday). 

What is the event about? -- Creating modest outfits by using movies & TV shows as our inspiration. This is a great way to practice taking inspiration from outfits you normally wouldn't wear (for what ever reason) and adapting them to your modesty standers & style. 

How can I participate? -- By taking pictures/video of your outfits and linking them up {your blog post/OOTD video} on Bramblewood Fashion via the daily linky that will be shared in post for the week.

Are there any rules? -- Yes, I do have one rule. Keep the outfits modest. If I find an outfit to be suggestive, I have the right to remove that link from the linky. You can wear pants/shorts/jeans/etc... just make sure they aren't skin tight or too short.

How does the blog schedule work? -- Well, for each day of the week their is a set theme, you can then pick out any movie/TV show that fits within the theme for your inspired outfit.

Y'all can help spread the news about the event by sharing a blog event button on your sidebar/web/blog/etc... All of the buttons are located here. I am open to hosting a few giveaways, so if you want to sponsor one drop me a email at: bramblewoodf (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Posted a button at the top of the side bar on my fashion blog & will do one on my personal blog too :)

    I have written out the list of what the theme is per day and am gonna see what I can come up with!

    I may do it early, and do scheduled posts. It will all depend on time. I should start working full time & then finding time for anything else will be more than TOUGH!

    But wanna try to take part! :D

  2. Oh! This is going to be so much fun! I'm super excited! :)

  3. I posted a button on my blog, and re-posted the article on the event on my blog, also! I can't wait to see all the different outfits, and can't wait to come up with some of my own! For 1960's, could I use that new show Vegas, for outfit inspiration? Blessings to you Ashley,

  4. I can't wait to do this!

  5. this sounds super fun! I was just wondering, do we have to participate in all of the themes or can we pick just one that we like and do that?

    -Faith (

  6. I can't wait to see the outfits!
    who knows, maybe I'll put together some outfits myself.
    xx Riley

  7. Sounds fun! I would love to join in but I don't want to make any promises. We will see how it goes! :-) anyhow I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's outfits!

  8. Count me in! I'm pretty sure Brigid will want to join too as always :) So excited!!


  9. This sounds great! My roommate and I might participate. :)

  10. Ooh, this looks like it's going to be a lot of fun! I can't wait!! :D

  11. That is COOL! I'm just going to watch, but this should be fun. :)

  12. @Rachel -- Sure, you can use the show Vegas for the 1960s. :)

    @Faith -- The goal of this event is for it to be challenging, so I would like it if you did more than just one theme. Unless of course, if you aren't able to do a post every day, or every other day or so.

  13. I just no read about it and I can't wait to get started I am doing my outfit research now!!!

  14. Hello :) I've been looking at your blog and now I follow *Grin* I am a new follower. This looks soooo much fun though I probably wont be participating just watching - I CAN NOT sew.

    God Bless


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