Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I Wore - Young At Heart

What I'm Wearing: Tench Coat Christmas gift {H&M} // Polka-dot 1940s Swing Dress made by me {pattern review} // Emerald Green Cardigan Target // Seamed Tights F21 // Oxfords F21 // Friendship Bracelets made by me // Vintage Pin Antique Mall // Pearl Clustered Earrings Claire's

Hello everyone! As you can tell we are back home; have been since Sunday evening. I might do one or two more posts this week. But most of the posts coming up at the end of this week (and all of next week) will be scheduled {along with more guest bloggers!}.

For Valentines today I decided to dress 1940s. Gabrielle did my hair last night {with a curling iron}! Yes, my hair really holds curls well overnight. And then I wore a red tint on my lips & a touch of rouge on my cheeks. 

Today I've been making a ton of friendship bracelets in a bunch of colors. This is in fact, my first time ever making them. I used to wear them about ten years ago - and loved them! They have to be my favorite type of bracelet as they don't make a bunch of noise, or feel funny on my wrist. In fact, I forget I'm even wearing them.


  1. I absolutely loved this, Ashley! I would totally wear it!

    That dress is so cute!!! And of course I love the coat.

    The pin is soo vintage... delightful... and you know I love friendship bracelets. ;)

    Good job! :D

  2. Love the entire outfit--I am so envious of your sewing talent! And I've been wanting a pair of seamed pantyhose.

    Great look!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  3. Okay, I think this is my FAVORITE outfit. I love the 1940s...beautiful hairstyles and clothes :) Happy Valentine's Day. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. Very cute! Right out of Captain America! :p

  5. *swoon* that blue!! you look lovely :) this is my favorite look of yours!

  6. I LOVE the shoes! Vintage is the best.


  7. This dress is so cute, I love the whole look of this outfit! :-) Your hair looks really pretty, curls are fun! :-)

  8. Adorable, darling!! I absolutely love it. You have fabulous taste!

    xo Kay

  9. I like this outfit! I do I do.
    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog that I thought you might be interested in. Just thought I'd let you know.



  10. love the whole outfit esp. the tights! oh, and i think your hair looks amazing!

  11. I love your outfit!! Especially the shoes and 1940s style dress! LOVE it!:)

  12. I like this dress, Ashley! The wide belt and high-but-not-too-high neckline are lovely.

  13. Vintage wave is still here. Good to see that so many people share that passion for old times.


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