Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Style ❘❘ 1950s/60s Mad Men Style

::What I'm Wearing::
Vintage 1950s/60s Gingham Dress -- Vintage clothing shop in LA
Skinny Leopard Belt -- Forever 21
Vintage T-Strap Flats -- Secondhand
Earrings -- Little Black Bag
Lipstick -- Revlon in Pink in the Afternoon
Nail Polish -- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Breezy Blue

How are y'all doing this lovely Lord's day? Spring finally came and I was able to go to church without either a coat, or tights on (I did wear a light-weight cardigan in the morning). Yay! Since the weather was going to be nice, I decided to pull out one of my favorite vintage dresses to wear to church today. I have worn it during the winter in the past, but the collar on this dress makes it really hard to style with warm winter sweaters & cardigans. This dress is best left worn during the warmer months, like now. *smile* Keeping in with the vintage vibe for today, I wore my vintage shoes that Amber Apple had given to me a few years ago, but somehow I never really wore them (not sure why). These shoes are so cute & will be perfect in the summer when paired with skirts and sundresses. 

I'm so excited that y'all are eager to join in the 30 for 30 challenge, which starts next Sunday!! This is going to be so exciting and fun!


  1. How cute! And i really like the new blog design!

  2. I really like your outfit Ashley! We just watched Parent Trap (1961) recently, and your outfit, from the shoes on up to the (perfect) vintage dress just exudes that sort of retro vibe. It looks great on you, and I hope you'll show us more ways of how you'll style it for the rest of the warmer months!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  3. That dress! And those shoes! Such a perfect spring morning outfit! :)

  4. How cute is that nail polish?! It goes perfect with your adorable dress, Ashley! I'm hoping to join your event, but not for sure yet.
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. That's a beautiful dress and those flats go really well with it! :)

    - Sukhi

  6. Beautiful dress - I especially like the detail on the collar.

  7. I LOVE YOUR DRESS! Oh my goodness! I want it! The belt is super cute, too. :)
    Kalin from :)
    Blessings :)


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