Thursday, June 27, 2013

What I Wore | Coral + Green for Summer + Elegantees Review

What I'm Wearing
Green Gingham Skirt -- Made by Me
Coral Tee -- c/o Elegantees
Skinny Leopard Belt -- Forever 21
Wedges -- Payless Shoes

Right before I left on vacation to the East coast I was sent the Ashley tee to wear & review from Elegantees. Of course, since it arrived right before we left I had to wear it on my trip the next day. I paired this top with black skinny jeans & sandals. One of the thing's I love about this tee is that it is tunic length -- makes it perfect for layering over skinny jeans. If you have never heard of Elegantees before, let me share a bit about them and their mission as they are helping women come out of sex trafficking and giving them a job.
Elegantees is revolutionizing modesty and restoring lives of women rescued from sex trafficking. It started in 2010 with elegant designs made from tee-shirt fabric, as easy to wear and wash as a tee. The mission first stemmed when founder Katie Martinez learned about the harsh realities about human trafficking, while attending fashion design school. After Katie worked in the garment industry for years, she started the brand to make modesty trendy and affordable, and to help women in bondage of trafficking. 
In 2011, Elegantees partnered with the Nepali Rescue Project a non-profit organization fighting trafficking. This organization rescues over 20,000 human trafficking victims per year in Nepal. In addition, the Nepali Rescue Project provides these survivors with safe houses, counseling, and various job training skills; including sewing. 
A new partnership emerged in 2013 with Restore NYC, a nonprofit organization working to end sex trafficking and restore foreign-national survivors. Restore NYC, offers these survivors with a safe community with complete care addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
Let me share with y'all my thoughts & experience with Elegantees.

           - They have a great selection of fashionable tee shirts for every body type and personal style.
           - Their shipping is really fast. I order my tee on a Tuesday and it arrived Thursday afternoon.
           - The site is easy to negative.
           - Your supporting a good cause.
           - Free shipping if you spend $75 or more.
           - They are volunteer based.
           - They provide sewing jobs to women overcoming sex trafficking.

You should definitely check them out and perhaps buy a tee or two. While you are visiting their site, which tee is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Love the all the shirts on the site! It's so hard to find modest and fashionable clothes in the stores sometimes. Choosing a favourite is so hard, but I think I actually like the one you're wearing best!! :)

  2. Really super cute tee shirt! How funny it's named after you! =)
    Love this look, Ashley!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. I love the collar. Too fun! You should link up to my Sunday blog hop;)

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic


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