Saturday, October 13, 2012

What I Wore | Tunic + Skinny Jeans

What I'm Wearing: Tunic Forever 21 {old} // Skinny Jeans Forever 21 // Oxfords ModCloth // Earrings won in a giveaway from PBE Designs

Alright, so this is yesterday's outfit. But who cares? I've been trying to take pictures of this outfit for awhile now, but it was always raining or something. *smile* I spent the day yesterday cleaning the house in the morning {& part of the afternoon}. Talking on the phone with my best friend in the afternoon. Then we had friends over for dinner and to just hang out with. We had homemade pizza for dinner {which Gaby made}, watched I Love Melvin {1953}, had ice-cream with hot fudge sauce & homemade whipped cream, and almost died with laughter many times throughout the night. It was an fantastic evening. How do you spend your Friday?


  1. Lovely trenchcoat, Ashley! Sounds like you had a great time last Friday. ;)

    I mostly spent mine relaxing on the computer, but still good nonetheless.

  2. I love the trench Ashley! I just thrifted a cute trench coat today and I will be featuring on my blog soon. ;)

    Lets see it was so busy what did I do yesterday? Oh I ate some yummy food my sister made for dinner, studied music theory, emailed some lovely older women from my church about getting together to shop at a vintage store and lunch, studied piano, and went on a walk with my Dad and prayed and studied the Bible with my family. I am so blessed!


  3. Cute outfit. I really like the way you wear jeans with modesty and style. I have a hard time finding skinny jeans that, for modesty's sake, aren't actually skin tight on me- and still look good. Do you just have a lucky body type or do you have some tips to share?! I sew, so I've learned how to alter jeans, but it would be nice to get some jeans that didn't need a few hours of work first!

  4. I finally saw I Love Melvin for the first time about a week ago! I loved it!!! I love this outfit on you, that tunic is AMAZING! Must keep my eye open for one like it at Goodwill...


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