Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Style | Ruffles & Polka-dots

What I'm Wearing: Ruffle Skirt made by me // Blouse Charlotte Russe via Goodwill // Cardigan Lauren Conrad @ Kohl's // Belt Second-hand // Tights J.C.Penny // Boots Target // Earrings F21

I've come to really enjoy the Sunday Style link-up. Since I don't want to repeat my outfits for the link-up it makes me want to change up my outfits for church. But today's outfit was a trial run for the ruffle-y skirt, cause I'll be wearing it to a banquette this Friday {and I wanted to know how tights would react with this type of fabric}. Which brings me to another point. I whipped up this skirt last night after thinking about this up coming week and how I wouldn't have much time to make a formal. As I really wanted to make a 1960s brocade dress for the banquet. So I decided to take some leftover ruffle fabric from an Etsy order to make myself a short ruffle skirt in under 30 minutes. It is really easy to make, really. You can find a ton of tutorials by doing a quick search on Google. Plus, a girl can never have too many ruffles in her wardrobe {that is if she enjoys ruffles}.


  1. Very classy! I love it!

    What's funny is, I just finished doing a post where I combine polka dots and red too. LOL It will be up tomorrow :)

  2. i love this outfit!! love the belted top and that skirt is so pretty!

  3. Oh, your outfit looks so cozy and sweet! <3



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