Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1780s Dress Musings

Alright, it has been about two years since I made a costume/historical dress {not vintage}. Then suddenly the past few weeks I got the craving to finally finish a 1780s dress that I started back in December of 2010.

I'm using Mrs. Jennie Chancey's Ladies' 1780s Portrait Dress pattern.
The fabric I'm using is a white on white small floral quilting cotton. Very pretty.

I'm hoping to have ruffles around the neckline, on the sleeves, and perhaps down the front.
I'll be gleaning all of my inspiration from screen-caps from the movie, Marie Antoinette {2006}. (Which I haven't seen, btw.)

I already have a pair of stays to go underneath the dress that I made a few years ago. So I don't need to make myself a pair.

I will need to make a chemise to wear underneath the stays, and a full petticoat to wear over the stays {waist to hemline} though. But that won't be too hard and I already have a ton of white muslin in my stash. That's one nice thing about this project, I already own everything I need in my stash. The joys of having a large sewing stash! And would you believe it? I haven't been to the sewing store in over a year. I've bought a few sewing supplies on Etsy here-and-there, but nothing major.


  1. This is my favorite time period in history. Maybe I should make myself one? I already have a hat like in the photos of the pattern...

  2. What a lovely project idea! I love the outfits from that movie - in my opinion they're the main reason to watch it. Looking forward to seeing the result!

  3. Oh my! It's going to be beautiful!



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