Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What I Wore | Pearls, Lace, and Chiffon

What I'm Wearing: Black chiffon skirt c/o SheInside // Lace top Coldwater Creek via hand-me-down // Jacket Target via hand-me-down // Leopard belt Forever 21 // Pumps Target // Earrings won in a giveaway // Necklace Bass Shoe Outlet

Alright, so I didn't really wear the pumps today. In fact, I was barefoot all day. But sometimes the only shoes that look good with an outfit, are the most impractical ones. Of course, today was a catch-up with all blog emails kind-of-day for me {so, it was kinda of like dressing to go work in a real work place}. I also learned how to make a blog press kit today for BF. That was fun, once I knew what I was doing of course.

I really enjoyed the Botkin sister's webinar this evening. How about y'all? What was your favorite thing you learned tonight? It was really interesting learning how our identity {what we admire, what fill our minds, etc...} can influence how we dress and how others can perceive us. This makes me want to ask this question to y'all, "What do my clothes say about me?" When you see me in my outfit posts, what are you learning about me? I'm kinda curious to know what y'all think. If you want, you can let me know in the comments, or drop me an email: bramblewoodf {at} gmail.com with your answer.


  1. Hmm...
    I suppose your clothes show an appreciation for history (vintage) an acceptance of femininity, and a confidence in who you are.
    Lovely outfit by the way!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Oh! Ashley this is by far a favorite outfit I think of mine that I have see you wear!! I adore the chiffon and the jacket! They both go so well together with the nude shoes.

    God bless!

  3. I find I have that issue too, where some of my outfits really only go with a high heel and I end up at home barefoot most of the day. I've been trying to get more outfits that are casual since I am at home with kids and a little part time work for my husband. Yet I get a lot of stuff at Goodwill, and the best stuff there tends to be dressier stuff! Often the casual items are too worn out! I think this tendency for my clothes to be a bit on the dressy side is that I wear alot of skirts and its hard to find skirts that are casual but not frumpy.
    Anyway to answer your question, I think your outfits are always classy yet often have a sense of fun. And you aren't lazy, because you always look very nice!

  4. Found you through Passionfruit.
    Love your blog ~


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