Friday, October 19, 2012

October Sponsors

I'm so excited to share the sponsors for this month with y'all. They are all wonderful and I'm thankful for their support!

I'm so excited to have Marie-Madeline Studio back. They have a wonderful collection of patterns that they design, and they sell a wide selection of fabulous fabrics for any sewing project!

The Chronicles of Chaos is the blog of Mia, a mom who has two really young sons.  Mia also really loves her nail polish {what can I say? I do too.}. She also just talks about her life, and shares a bunch of random things that I think y'all might just enjoy. So go check Mia's blog out!

If you are located in the UK you must check out, BARRATTS. Why if they shipped to the United States I would totally place several orders on their site, as they have some adorable shoes, bags, wellies, etc... at some great prices! Fo example, I would love to own all of the pieces featured above.

Looking to buy first vintage piece, or want to add the next great vintage gem to your collection? Why not check out Better Dresses Vintage? They sell some real cute things. If their prices are a little high for your pocket book, why not check out their sister site Bee Dee Vintage on Etsy.

The final sponsor for this month is, Cheers 2 Geeks. A delightful etsy shop filled with wonderful Doctor Who things that are perfect for everyday like: mugs {they are AMAZING}, tote bags, moleskin journals, and earrings. You won't be disappointed with what they have.  


  1. Oh my word!!! Cheers to Geeks etsy shop is amazing! I am definitely buying from them!


  2. Hi Ashley, I appreciate the mention. Can't wait to see you in the purple floral dress! -

    Kind regards,


    p.s. We pride ourselves on offering authentic items at affordable prices. And remember, domestic shipping is always free at Better Dresses Vintage!


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