Thursday, October 25, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Party ❘ DW Inspired Outfits {Part 1}

Ready for my first post of DW inspired outfits? Well, today I'm going to be sharing outfits inspired by the 10th and 11th Doctor's, Rory, and Captain Jack Harkness. {We will get to the girls tomorrow.}

First off, the blue suit outfit that 10 wears. I really wanted copy his brown suit, since it so iconic AND it is my favorite. But I couldn't find anything...wait a minute...I might have just thought of some things that might just work. Oh, well...I'll have to share my idea at a later point..anyways....back to the blue suit. For my inspired outfit I decided to wear a lot of blue, converse shoes {I really need to get myself a pair}, and a trench coat. I think it works alright. What do y'all think?

::What I'm Wearing:: 
Blue Blouse // Anthropologie
Blue Cardigan // Target
Blue Skirt // Secondhand
Converse // Borrowed from my sister, Hanne-col
Trench Coat // H&M

 {pretend I'm holding a sonic screwdriver.}

Captain Jack Harkness is next. Who also happens to wears a lot of blue. Now, to really add to the outfit I should have made a pair of red suspenders and wore a brown belt. Oh, least my coat is very Jack-like. 

::What I'm Wearing::
Chambray Blouse // J.C.Penny
Blue Skirt // Secondhand
Wool Blue Coat // Target
Boots // Target

Next up, the 11th Doctor. Now, I don't have anything tweed so I just had to use what I have a navy blazer {I really want this tweed blazer from H&M that is just like 11's}. I did make a bow tie though. Except looking at the pictures, I keep thinking Mary Poppins. It could just be me. Not sure. It could be the navy blazer with the red bow tie that is making me think that.

::What I'm Wearing::
Wool Navy Blazer // Goodwill
Striped Button-down // Land's End Canvas via Goodwill
Jean Skirt // Made by Me
Oxford Heels // Forever 21
Bow & Heart Pin // American Girl
Red Felt Bow Tie // Made by Me 

The last one for today is Rory "Pond" Williams from the 7th series. When putting together a Rory outfit from the 7th series is best to think: layers, hipster, and rugged. I had stumbled upon the following outfit when trying to find ways to style my oxblood jeans. I thought, "Hey! This outfit is very Rory! I should share it during the blog party." Of course, lace-up boots would be great for the Rory look, except I don't have any - yet. I really want to get a pair once Target starts putting their Winter shoes on clearance.

::What I'm Wearing::
Jean Shirt // Miley Cyrus brand @ Walmart via Goodwill
Striped Tee // Forever 21
Oxblood Skinny Jeans // H&M
Oxford Flats // ModCloth
Belt // Secondhand
Watch // American Girl

Which one is your favorite?


  1. I'm not a Doctor who fan, but I've gotta say well done on the bow tie outift. =D

  2. Cuteness! Absolutely LOVE them! Good job. :)

  3. The 11th Doctors! If you think about it, Mary Poppins could so be a Time Lord! That bag of hers definitely shares some qualities with the Tardis!

  4. I am in lovely with the 11th doctors outfit.But I might substitute the oxfords for these cute flats with bowties on them(with the words "bow ties are cool" on the side).

  5. I love all of them! I see what you're saying about Mary Poppins. I didn't think of it until after you mentioned it, but I can see the resemblence now. :) I think my favorites are either Captain Jack or Rory's.
    I found a brown pinstriped blue skirt at a thrift store a while back before I even started watching Doctor Who. It's now my go to Doctor Who inspired clothing piece, because it looks like 10's brown suit. :) I've also got a plaid/tweed like jacket that works well for a inspired 11 outfit (though no bow tie...I may have to remedy this).

  6. Yes well done! All your outfits are so similar to originals with great twists ashley! I especially love D 11 and the Rory inspired outfits. <3


  7. I love all of them. I'm going to start trying to wear Whovian outfits now, I think. :)

  8. These are great! I'm a new fan of Doctor Who-Vicki of decked out in ruffles "introduced" me! My family and I are only to the 2nd season-loving it so far!
    I do have to say that the bow tie one is more on the side of Mary Poppins, but I think maybe it's the skirt-? But then if you wore pants, it wouldn't be nearly as feminine. great job Ashley! I'm hoping to get an outfit up soon (maybe tomorrow?) inspired by Rose!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  9. OH WOW! Those are SO great XD


  10. These are all absolutely fantastic, Ash!! I love them all, but my favs are definitely the 10th Doctor and the Captain Jack Harkness outfits. Totally inspired! If I hadn't already picked out my outfit and taken pictures for the link-up, I would be rummaging through my closet, trying for one of those looks. ;)


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