Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I Wore | Denim Skirt + Floral Blazer

What I'm Wearing: Jean Pencil Skirt c/o Paulina Carmel // Floral Blazer Forever 21 // Coral Top Target // Knee-highs Unknown // Oxford Heels F21 // Bow Earrings F21 //

Howdy everyone! I've been kinda in a getting dress slump. When ever the weather changes I tend to go into slumps and only want to wear super casual clothes {stuff that I don't look the best in {or feel great in, for that matter}. So today I made an effort to dress up just a bit {with the blazer & oxford heels}. Oh! Before I forget, today is the last day you can use the free shipping coupon code for Paulina Carmel! Just enter the code: bramblewood at checkout!

I thought I would answer some of the questions y'all left for me in the survey today. So here it goes.

Where do you find all of these old movies?
If you mean, how do I discover all of these old movies? I just browse the TCM schedule, IMDB {searching up my favorite actors & actresses}, old movie blogs, and sometimes by the recommendation of my best friend, Achaia! While if you mean, how to I find them to watch? I tape them off of TCM {and burn them onto DVDs}, buy the DVDS, find VHS at book sales, and watch others on YouTube and Netflix.

How many siblings do you have?
I have four. Three sisters and one brother. There is Gabrielle {Gaby} 18, Hanne-col {Hanne} 16, Nathanael 13 {almost 14}, and Abigail {Abby} 11.

What is your favorite baseball team?
The Detroit Tigers is my number one favorite team. While I also like the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees.

What is your job? I know you work with your dad.
Well, my dad is a Biblical counselor and I clean the office, do the confirmation calls, and I take care of the website. I will also do any other jobs my dad might need me to do. You can check out his website here.

Speak any languages besides English? 
Nope. I know a word here and there for Latin, French, and German but not enough to talk to someone.

What blogging platform do you use?
I use Blogspot.

Well, I think that is enough for now. Some of the questions require a longer answer and I need to get going. *smile*  


  1. Ash! Love you, dearie!! That's funny, I get movie recommendations from you. *smile*
    I can understand your feelings about the weather changing, and it being hard to dress... I have that problem too sometimes. I hate wearing things that make me feel yucky. You did a great job dressing today! Do you like wearing your hair up too? I love the look of your knee socks with oxfords. And that skirt is so cute!

    xxx Kay

  2. Oh, oh, oh, and we finished watching "That Funny Feeling" yesterday!!! My gracious, it's an ADORABLE movie! I can completely understand why you and Gaby love it. Sandra's green dress at the end is just fabulous (really all of her clothes are). I think Bobby and Sandra are one of my new favorite couples. *smile*
    Mwah! (That's a kiss *smile*) K

  3. I love you too, Kay! Yeah, I've been finding myself wearing my hair up in a styled ponytail lately. I'm thinking about experimenting with my hair and find other ways I can wear my hair up {since I have a lot of layers}.

    Yay!! You finished "That Funny Feeling"!! I would love to copy Sandra's wardrobe someday, as it is just beautiful!! And I'm *so* excited to hear that Bobby and Sandra are one of your new favorite couples. Btw, talking about Sandra Dee, have you ever seen Gidget? It is another favorite of me and Gaby's.

    ~Ashley xoxox

  4. It was lovely catching up with you today Ashley! It was the highlight of my day! :) I love this outfit, the colors scream fall, but are still bright and cheery like its still summer. <3



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