Monday, October 29, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Party ❘ OOTD Amy Pond in "The Lodger"

Alright, so this outfit post was supposed to go up on Saturday. But, I was unable to take any pictures of my outfit that day {so we had to take pictures yesterday}. Anyhow, I took my inspiration from Amy Pond in the episode, The Lodger {love that episode!} when she wears a kelly green top & navy jacket/cardigan together. {Love that color combo.}

::What I'm Wearing::

Kelly Green T-Shirt // Target
Navy Cardigan // Old Navy
Skinny Jeans // Forever 21
Boots // Bass Shoe Outlet
Bow Post Earrings // Forever 21

 The one thing I really like about Amy's style is all the layers that she wears. Also, I really like her outfits in series 7 {too cute!}. The seventh series has made me want to buy a few things like her's on Black Friday. 


  1. Love Doctor Who! My siblings and I are catching up via Netflix-Rose Tyler just "died" last night...I was the only one who didn't cry...
    My older sister Melissa said they should've let her fly into the vortex, it would've been better! :)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Haven't seen Doctor Who, but I love this color combo, and the boots are awesome, too!


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