Friday, July 4, 2014

What I Wore | Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, everyone! How has your day been? Mine has been great. I tidy up my bedroom in the morning, played three games of basketball after lunch, went to Dicks Sporting Goods with my family, and had ribs & mac-and-cheese for dinner. This evening we are going to watch our neighborhood fireworks, and find out if some sparklers we found in our garage still work once it gets dark outside.
What I'm Wearing
Striped Tee -- Style Mint [$??]
Jean Shorts -- GAP via Simply Chic [$10]
Leopard Flats -- Target [$15]
Earrings -- Forever 21 [$3.80]
Nail Polish -- Essie in Bikini so Teeny
Lip Balm -- KORRES Lip Butter in Wild Rose

As y'all can see, I kept my outfit for today simple with just some jean shorts, striped tee, and leopard print flats. Most of the day I didn't wear any earrings, which isn't good as my ears heal very quickly, so late this afternoon I threw on some dangle earrings that I actually saw a reader wear last summer. Also, I just realized that today is my last day that I'm twenty-three years old, for tomorrow at 7:30am [PST] I will be twenty-four. Yeah, I was born on the west coast, hence the west coast time zone for my time of birth. :)

What did y'all wear today?



  1. Super cute! I love that top! I laughed when I saw you had linked me about the earrings because my first thought on seeing your pictures was "I have those earrings! I love them!" :) Thanks for doing that. :)
    Happy almost birthday!

    1. Your welcome! Hehe...when I saw you wearing the earrings last year, I knew I HAD to have them, so I tracked them down over the course of a month. :)

      And thanks so much!

  2. Great shirt! Yesterday I wore a red tee with blue checked pants and Chuck Taylors.... an All-American look. :) Glad you had a great 4th of July! Happy birthday!


  3. That is so cute! Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ashley!


  5. I missed your birthday! I hope it was a great one!

    More Modern Modesty

  6. Hi Ashley!

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