Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I Wore | Stipes + Herringbone

Hello everyone! I've been asked to share what I wear to the office fairly recently [at least in the past two months], so I'm answering that request today. Now, what you see today is fairly typical of what I would wear to the office sometime between Tuesdays and Fridays [if I go in to the office]. Otherwise on Mondays [the day of the week I always work] no clients come into the office, so I usually just wear jeans & nice tee shirt [typically I'm the only one working that day, at least during the warmer months]. Anyhow, onto today's outfit.

What I'm Wearing
Herringbone Blazer -- GAP via thredUP [Free w/ credits]
Striped Tee -- ZARA via thredUP [$6.99]
White Cami -- Forever 21 [$1.80]
Skirt -- Banana Republic via Thrift Store [hand-me-up from Gaby]
Sandals -- Target [$16]
Faux-Pearl Post Earrings -- Forever 21 [gift]
Monogram Necklace -- c/o ONecklace
Lipstick -- Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Honey
Nail Polish -- Essie in Bikini so Teeny

I've been obsessed with this black skirt ever since my sister, Gaby, gave it to me. It is almost the only skirt I wear now days. Yeah, it is that bad. Why? It fits me perfectly, has a little petticoat attached underneath [it is from the Mad Men collection at BR], and is in my new favorite colour for clothes: BLACK! I know I've talked before about how I'm loving neutral colours this year, but it is true. Neutral pieces are so easy to style in a stylish & classy look, and you always look effortlessly put together. 



  1. I love every single one of your outfits you do! they actually inspire my clothing choices! = {I must confess, I don't have as many clothing items as you do, but you still inspire me!:-)} I have a request.... I've seen you do a ton of other outfits with skirts (i.e. one maxi 3 days 3 ways , among many, many others ) but I need help styling skirts! I only wear skirts, so any advice would be great!!! :-) :-) :-)

  2. I see why you love that skirt! And what a pretty necklace as well :)

    dance a real

  3. Very professional. I like the nail color, too!


  4. This is really pretty! It looks like office wear with a cute twist. :) Your necklace is also fun and unique.
    Sunday Best and All the Rest


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