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Lime Ricki Swimsuit Line [Review]

Recently I was able to pick out a swimsuit from Lime Ricki's latest swimwear line [which was their Spring(?) line] to wear & review. To say the least, I was excited! As I had always wanted to try out their swimsuits, in fact, I almost bought one last November when I needed one for my trip to Florida at Christmas time. I didn't end up buying from them when I realized that, it wouldn't arrive to me in time before my since it was Holiday time and all. Anyhow, onto what suits I picked out and what I think on them.

After much thought, and pouring over Lime Ricki's sizing chart, I finally decided to go with a two-piece over a one piece. In hindsight, I should have went with a one-piece or least, with a smaller sized bottoms. As I over estimated what size I would be. Ahh...the woes of online shopping and a changing body size/weight. I have listed the names of the pieces I picked out, along with my review of each piece below.

Bow Sunlight Tankini Top [$45.50] (Size Medium) -- The writeup for this tankini top says it works for both small and full bust sizes. Well...I found it a bit snug on me and I'm only a B/A cup, of course I do have a larger rig-cage which could explain things. So of you have a larger rib-cage than what is consider average, this might not be the best top for you. For I haven't even tested this out in water yet, since I haven't been to any pool since last December [and I don't have any trips planned anytime soon], to find out it will feel even tighter once wet. But I think it is going to work out fine, at least I don't have to worry about anything showing.

Shirred Gingham Shirt w/ Bottoms [$35.50] (Size Large) -- For the bottoms, I totally should have went with a medium, as they are a bit loose. Hehe...the top is snug, and the bottoms are loose. But I think I can make the skirt smaller underneath, so it doesn't feel so loose on me. Also, the nice thing about this skirt is that it features shirring on the side. Why is this a good thing? It means you can adjust the skirt length to the one YOU are most comfortable with -- brownie points to Lime Ricki for this feature!

Overall, the workmanship on these swimsuits is top-notch. I would say they are on-par with any top swimsuit brand you may consider purchasing from. Who is Limi Ricki best suited for? Ladies who like a swimsuit that has modesty features [higher-ish necklines/ longer-ish skirts/etc...], cute/fashionable/modern designs, and young looking [meaning you don't look like a Grandma]. I for one, is that type of girl.

I know that everyone doesn't agree with my views on swimwear, but that is one of the beauties of modesty. EACH family is different and UNIQUE with their own set standards of modesty. Please respect my views & don't try to preach to me about my views, and tell me how I'm wrong and not a true Christian for not holding the same views as you -- that is legalism, trying to get everyone to live to the same set of rules, and imposing them on others.

On a lighter note, what is your favorite swimsuit from Lime Ricki Swimwear



  1. I have the Odessa Tankini. I really like it. The back on it is adorable too. It stays on really well and doesn't budge even when I jump off the diving board. I also have the red bikini bottoms.
    I love how tankinis are modest and two pieces. Much better than wrestling with a one piece swimsuit while trying to use the bathroom at the swimming pool:/

  2. That's a really cute swim set Ashley! I think the length of the skirt is perfect for swimming! The top reminds me of a 1940's bathing suit that I have in my collection.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Really cute suits!! And I love your comments at the end. So true.

  4. Love your style, Ash--modest, and very feminine. This suit looks great on you!

  5. CUTE cute CUTE! from Jessica and Mom of the Singers

  6. Oh my goodness! That is SO CUTE! I love, love, love the top! It looks great on you! It is modest without being like you said: Grandma-ish. Wow, it's so hard to pick a favorite! I love all of the tankini tops that have rosettes on one shoulder! Thanks for posting!

  7. supper cute suit~ love it!

  8. This is crazy adorable!


  9. Hello! I'd like to make a quick suggestion here. Your blog is advertised as a "modesty fashion" blog. While I see the fashion part, I do not believe that the modesty part is up to most Christian women's standards. I feel (and I do speak for other women in my church) that "modesty" is being used very loosely here. For example, many Christian women believe that pants are not appropriate for women because of their provocative nature. Also, Christian women should be covered from the top of the shoulders to the knees. To avoid any confusion, I recommend that you label this a "conservative" fashion blog. Modest is a long stretch for some of these outfits. Have a blessed day!

    In His Service,

    1. Hello Emmy, I'm not going to take down the label of being a modest fashion blog down from MY blog. To my Dad [who by the way is a strong Christian and runs a Christian ministry] I am following his set of rules of what he considers modest within our household. Heck, my mom sometimes wears leggings with long tunics around the house. Not ALL Christian women dress how you are describe, and my mom is one of the strongest Christian ladies I know. She has been through a lot within her life, and her walk with Christ is strong like a rock. Also, within in my Church I am considered modest. True, not everyone wears pants, sleeveless, shorts, etc...and I'm fine with that. I have friends on both ends of the modesty spectrum, and none of them are any less Christian for the way they dress. I don't judge them, and they don't judge me.


    2. Emmy, Also may I add to Ashley's comment that the Bible does NOT State "You must be covered from the top of the shoulders to the knees, ( If I am incorrect, please give me the reference to the verse) And you commenting on this post did not, in fact help anything, It actually was kind of rude, Your comment was very legalistic, All Christian women have different views on modesty, You have your convictions, and that is fine, But when you force them on other people as a strict set of rules, (Even though the bible does NOT State it) It becomes legalism.

      - Vannah Faith

    3. I second that. Please show me in the Bible chapter and verse to support your view that women should be covered from shoulder to knee. I have studied the issue of modesty extensively after spending years enslaved in the legalistic movement, and do not find these teachings anywhere. The Bible does speak of teaching for doctrines the commandments of calls it a sin. You are welcome to your personal standards, but do not paint Christian women with such a broad brush. I know many, many Christian women who would have no qualms with anything she posts on this blog. Ashley is a wonderful young woman whose blog is always a blessing, and she shouldn't have to suffer the censorship of legalistic Christians. Rock that swimsuit, girl! :)

    4. Emmy,

      There are areas of the Christian life that are black and white. Laws that are in place in God's word--thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not commit adultery... Etc.

      Then there are concepts that are about heart convictions. These concepts do not provide clear instructions for action. The concept of modesty is one of those heart issues. Modesty simply means "propriety in dress, speech and conduct" (not drawing undue attention to oneself.) One woman would read a verse about modesty and be convicted to cover her body from shoulder to knee, yet another would be convicted to wear a swimsuit like Ashley's.

      God uses His word to convict His children to create practical applications in many areas where he does not provide a list of rules.

      Let's take another example of a biblical characteristic like modesty. Let's say the Bible calls us to be "disciplined" as 1 Cor 9:27 says, "But I discipline my body and keep it under control..."
      One Christian may practically apply this passage that he should run every morning in order to honor God and fully understand "discipline." Should this Christian then expect that because 1 Cor 9:27 says to be "disciplined" all Christians ought to run daily as he does?
      Absolutely not.

      In areas of the Bible that do not provide clear instruction (like modesty or discipline) we cannot add to God's word or law by enforcing our own practical application on another.

      Just as one Christian may be convicted that "discipline" means running every morning does not mean that Bible commands every believer to run,
      One Christian may be convicted that "modesty" means covering shoulder to knee does not mean that the Bible commands every believer to adhere to that rule. To do so would be adding to God's word.

      Though every believer must be concerned with modesty, there is no absolute rule for modesty that one Christian woman can enforce on another. We can only be certain of this-that God calls Christians to be modest so that He receives all the glory and we do not distract others by drawing the attention. I believe Ashley is acting in modesty--actively seeking God's word in her wardrobe choices and striving to point to Him in her blog!

  10. Ash! As always - you're adorable! You're swimsuit is perfect and right on! :) I would totally wear it! (How fun is the red/white with the poppy yellow?!). So cute. Keep up the amazing work, Ashley! You rock. xoxoxo Abi

  11. I just have to say.....

    GO ALEXANDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I second that completely. You're doing a terrific job of showing what Christian women should look like, Ashley. Keep it up.


  12. This bathing suit is beyond adorable! It almost looks like it could be an actual summer outfit, not a bathing suit. I love bathing suit skirts and the plaid is such a nice touch. Thank you for sharing your review!

  13. I live in Florida and take my son to the beach often....some of the bathing suits I see make me wonder if I wandered on to some new nude beach (there's only one in Florida). So when I see comments that suggest you're not being modest, I'm a little well.......anyway, I think your outfit looks very nice and summery while still holding to YOUR modest standards.

    I've also noticed a lot of younger women who follow your blog and are practicing the idea of modesty, you're a role model in dress, word, and even reaction as shown in your reply above.

    Keep it up!


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