Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Shopping Haul

Hello everyone! How are y'all doing today? Last night I had a friend come over for a movie night & sleepover. We watched, The Book Thief and an episode of Doctor Who -- which was fun since I have only ever watched Doctor Who with my sisters. Anyhow, today I watched some TV, filmed a Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup tutorial, cleaned up the house a bit, and then headed out for some shopping at the mall. You see, I had some coupons for H&M and Kohl's that were going to expire soon, so of course I had to see what was in stores.

1. At Kohl's I picked up a pair of Cubic Zirconia stud earrings for dirt cheap. They were marked down for $2.40 + plus I had a 15% off coupon.

2. I also found a Lauren Conrad striped jumper [that is more of a summer weight] marked down to $10.80 + the 15% off coupon and a $5 off coupon.

3. At H&M I was able to found some good things in the clearance area, plus they were an additional 50% off the lowest price. As you can see, I really walked into a great sale, which is always a good thing. I was able to find a pair of bootcut jeans [that I can wear with heeled shoes] for $10, and a short-sleeved sweater top for $3.50. I think these would look beautiful together with some booties, when it is cooler outside.

4. H&M also had some tee shirts that were like my dream tee. They feature a loose fit, cover the rear & front [but go up a bit on the sides], and have a tiny pocket. The other great thing is that were only $9.95, so I picked up two, one in black & the other in cream. Oh, yes, also I had a $5 off coupon for my purchase.

5. When walking around the mall, I decided to stop into SIX to look over their adorable accessories. It turns out that a bunch of their jewelry was marked down to $1.99, so I picked up five pairs of earrings.

This evening I'm watching season four of That Girl! and working on editing some YouTube videos. What are y'all doing tonight?



  1. I like to see your hauls in picture format like this! It's nice :) Looks like you found some great deals!

    dance a real

  2. All those big hanging earrings are so beautiful cannot get enough!
    -Hanna Caroline


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