Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July | Holiday Outfit Ideas

It has been awhile since I've done one of these outfit ideas posts for an holiday, Christmas perhaps? Since I had some free time last night, since I was uploading an haul video, I decided to put together a quick post with 4th of July outfit ideas. Of course, this will be most helpful for my American readers, but you can still take the outfit ideas and use them even if you aren't from the United States.

4th of July Fashion

- Keep your outfit simple & don't go too over the top for a classy, classic look.
- You don't have to wear red, white, and blue all together in your outfit if you don't want too. Pick your two favorites from the color combination and go with that. You will still look festive, and you can always pick the two colors that you have in your current wardrobe.
- This is the day to pull out your flag themed earrings, necklaces, etc... to pair with your outfit.
- Personally I prefer wearing classic pieces on the Forth, like: checks, stripes, and white shorts/jeans. Hence the more classic look my collage features with all the preppy like pieces from J. Crew. What can I say? That is one of my favorite stores, in fact it is a huge favorite amongst all us girls [including our mum].
- Another way to show off your patriotic pride is do your nails in either a red, white, or navy polish! For a fun touch, do some nail art too with one of the following designs: chevron, stripes, polka-dots, stars, or mini flags.
- When picking out your outfit, think about what you might be doing that day and plan accordingly.

Want to see some old July 4th outfits of mine? Eeks. Alright. 2010. 2011. 2012.

What will you be wearing 4th of July? I'm not sure yet, but perhaps some shorts [navy or white] with either a check button-up or striped tee. 



  1. i love this! i have swarms of ideas for my outfit for the Forth now :) ~ Heaven

  2. Super cute ideas! I'm thinking I'll keep it simple this year with some skinny jeans, my favorite denim shirt, and some red nails. :)


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