Monday, July 7, 2014

24th Birthday Adventure

For my 24th birthday, we got together several friends for a girls downtown outing of exploring, shopping, and eating good food. This was also a fun experience for us girls, since we typically never visit our downtown, so our friends showed us around town.

We went shopping at: T.J.Maxx, H&M, and Forever 21. Then our way home, me, Gaby, and Hanne-col stopped off at Ulta for me to use my birthday $10 off coupon [and to pick up my free mascara].

Where did we eat? Well, for lunch we all ended up eating at Chipotle [since it is the only fast-food place where Hanne-col can eat at]. Then for dessert we stopped off at a local frozen yogurt place called, Pearings Cafe. Which was super fun, since I've only ever had fro-yo at IKEA & Costco before. Yeah, it was a wonderful food experience. Also on the way home after being downtown, we stopped at Starbucks so I could pick up my free birthday drink.

In the evening, I celebrated my birthday with my family. We went to Ted's Montana Grill for supper, and me & Gaby shared a #10 burger [which is ah-mazing!] since we can never finish a complete burger. Afterwards we came home for dessert & presents. For my birthday dessert I picked: Angel Food Cake, Fresh Strawberries & Raspberries, Cool Whip, and Vanilla Ice-Cream. I'm planning on doing a video on what I bought for myself on my birthday & the presents that were given to me sometime soon, so stay tuned for that if you are curious. Also in the evening I went on a short bike ride [we were supposed to play basketball, but our local court was being used], and watched the film, The Steel Trap [1952] starring: Joseph Cotton & Teresa Wright, with my brother, Nathanael and sister, Gabrielle.



  1. Happy birthday Ashley! It looks like you had a lovely day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ashley! Looks like you had fun! I'm a newer reader so maybe you have posted this before, but where do you live? I live just outside of Tulsa, OK and last night it would have been miserable to bike ride because it was 100+* outside. :-)
    Hope you had a great day!

    1. Thanks, Lauren, I did have a wonderful day! I live just outside of Indianapolis, IN. Oh, I can understand about the heat in Tulsa, OK -- for once we were stranded on the highway near there a couple summers ago for several hours, and my shoes melted standing on the hot pavement! It was crazy!

    2. That is really crazy. It can get pretty hot sometimes! :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Ashley! It sounds like you had lots of fun!!! Please show what you got for your birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!~ Heaven

  5. How fun! I love frozen yogurt!!! Happy Birthday! (Sorry I'm a little late on that!)

  6. Happy Birthday! This sounds lovely! I was guessing after a previous post that we might have the same type of birthday, it's true. :) I turned 24 on the 3rd. I love that you had such a fun time with your girlfriends and family. I got to do a game night with my husband and I's friends, shopping with my sisters and mom, dinner date with my husband and then the normal '4th' thing, which usually ends up being my family party. Hoping someday to have my own family birthday celebration that doesn't involve cookouts and fireworks. XO-Alexandra

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