Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What I Wore | Lace Jacket + Typography Tee

What I'm Wearing
Typography Tee -- Old Navy ($1.97)
White Tank -- Forever 21 ($1.80)
Lace Moto Jacket -- c/o SheInside
Skinny Jeans -- Lands' End Canvas via Thrift Store ($12)
Leopard Print Flats -- Target ($15)
Nail Polish -- Essie in Very Cranberry

Today has been a crazy busy day. I had a doctor's appointment this morning, ran some errands with my mom, cooked dinner for my family, and this evening I'll be doing a baby-sitting job. Well...I guess you could say, this is the start of our busy fall/winter season because from now until December when we leave for our Christmas vacation, I have something going on every weekend (& during some week's too). 

This past weekend I found some amazing deals at Old Navy. I found the tee shirt I'm wearing today for $1.97 & a pair of shorts for the same price. I also picked up two long sleeved shirts for the colder weather, since I have a shocking lack of winter tops -- for the summer months I have a ton of clothes, winter not so much.

Also, I know I said that I was hoping to start the closet/bedroom organizing series this week. But I have a video that I have to put together for my Dad's banquet this week, so all of my other projects are on the back burner right now, as I need to get this done by Friday morning. *fingers crossed* So, please don't keep asking me when the series will be coming. I have a busy life & sometimes things come up (baby-sitting jobs, work things, health issues, etc...) that I don't know about beforehand. The series will come when I have time to devote all of my energy to it. Thank you for understanding.



  1. Hi Ash! Oh my goodness! I LOVE this outfit! Sooooooo cute! OH, I adore Land's End Canvas. How exciting to get such a great deal.
    I miss you and your sisters!
    xo, Abiah

  2. You are so beautiful and your sense of style is just lovely! And it's totally the opposite with me . . . I never have as many summer tops as I do sweaters!

  3. I love your jacket, Ashley; the lace sleeves really make it. <3
    Lovely outfit!


  4. I absolutely love the jacket with the shirt. You have such a great eye for fashion! Thank you for writing. -Rosalina

  5. So cute! Love this outfit so much!!

  6. I was so excited to see your Avonlea Blogging week because next week I am having an Anne of Green Gables Party.
    You - or frankly, any of the readers reading this - would be welcome to participate. I could use some "seasoned" Anne readers to contribute :) anyway you can check it out, click on my nickname and then you'll go to my site.
    Anyway just wanted to say that I was excited about your Avonlea party. It sounds like it was great fun.
    Nice site, too.

  7. What size did you get your jacket in Ashley? I may have to buy myself one too. I have been looking for the perfect black fall leather jacket and I like how this one is a spin off of the leather jacket.

    1. Hi Becca,
      I got my jacket in a size M and it fits me like a dream. With Asian sizing, I tend to go up a size since their clothes tend to run on the smaller size.


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