Monday, October 7, 2013

Evening Party Look For This Autumn/Winter

‘Tis the season for party invites, which for some women means a lot of stress whilst standing in front of their wardrobes. I know many people like this, my mother included, who pretty much try on every item of clothing they have before proclaiming that they simply have nothing to wear. It’s because they’re shy of shopping for new items as they aren’t fully clued up on what suits them and what styles are currently in fashion. If you fall into this category, I hope that a few of my tips will help you in your seasonal quandary; don’t despair!

Flatter Your Body Shape

The next time you head to the department store, I’d advise you to try on a number of different styles of a particular item - be it a dress, trousers or top. By trying these on you’ll soon learn which shape suits yours. Don’t panic if you put something on and it doesn’t look right, this is simply something to avoid in the future. Remember that the style that looks stunning on you won’t suit someone else so we’re really all in the same boat!

Top tip: For an evening party I’d advise keeping hemlines at or below the knee as it does look more tasteful - there are some excellent Adrianna Papell dresses that demonstrate this perfectly so this might be a good place to start.

Boost your confidence

If there are aspects of your body that you don’t want to show to the world, this is perfectly okay. I’m not a huge fan of my bingo wings so I tend to buy dresses with a three-quarter length sleeve or I wear a jacket with a sleeveless dress. There are solutions to most body confidence problems such as nipping in the waist with a belt or wearing control underwear and hosiery. Wear what you need to in order to boost your confidence, even if it’s something small like your favourite pair of earrings.

Top tip: Try wearing a tailored dress with lace sleeves to your evening party; this gives plenty of coverage whilst revealing a bit of your arms.

Use accessories

The use of accessories can be a brilliant way to bring your outfit together. Since I began helping my mum with her party wardrobe she has dubbed it “the distraction technique” as she believes her shoes or handbag can draw attention away from her figure. She looks gorgeous to me, but it’s important for her to feel the same. By investing in some stylish court shoes and wedges, she is instantly able to add an extra something to a little black dress. Another useful accessory is a neck scarf as it can be tied neatly for a bit of Hollywood glamour.

Top tip: Coordinate your handbag or clutch with your high heels as it will create a polished look. The same can be said for a jewellery set such as pearls or diamonds.

~Andi (today's guest writer)


  1. Great tips! I like the dress in the picture. :)

  2. Thanks for all the advice! The dress on the photo is so cute. I love that color. I used to not have parties to go to, but now that I have my license I've been to more and more. So this is definitely an area of my wardrobe I need to work on.

  3. Thanks so much for this, Andi! It was very helpful. ^_^

  4. Yes these are wonderful suggestions Ashley! I did not know I was not the only one who likes to hide certain body things,but it's nice to hear it again. It makes me realize we are all human. :) oh and yes your Mom is gorgeous! <3 becca


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