Thursday, October 24, 2013

Avonlea Fashion Weekend Starts Tomorrow!!!

The Avonlea Fashion Weekend starts tomorrow morning!!! Yay! To remember the details about the event, be sure the review these two posts:

Avonlea Fashion Weekend ❘❘ Blog Event

To prepare for the event, me and two of my youngest sisters have been working our way through series 7 of Road to Avonlea. I'm full of outfit inspiration & I can't wait to share them all with you! Now, here is the schedule for the weekend.

Friday -- 
  • Modern Avonlea Fashion Link-up -- Share outfit posts/polyvore set inspired by either AOGG or RtA.
  • Historical Avonlea Fashion Link-up -- Share your costumes that you have made inspired by either AOGG or RtA. You can also share your thoughts on the costumes & how you would recreate them, if you prefer.
Saturday --
  • Avonlea Workroom & Kitchen Link-up -- Share any craft, sewing, or cooking that you have done inspired by either the AOGG or RtA stories. Perhaps an apron that is AOGG inspired? Host an Avonlea themed tea party & share pictures on your blog.
Sunday --
  • How Avonlea Has Effected Your Life Link-up -- Write a post about how Avonlea has effected your life. Or if you like, you can film a video explaining your love of Avonlea & how you got into the stories. 


  1. Hi!

    Just wondering, do you have to participate in each day, or can do you one or two?


    1. You can do what ever works for your schedule. :) If you like, you could do three fashion inspired posts over the three days & just link up your posts in the Friday linky each day. Meaning, you can do what ever category you want, as many times you like. It is up to you! :D Just make sure to get your posts linked up in the correct linky.


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