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2013 Fall/Winter Fashion Picks

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I thought it would be great to share some of my top picks for fall/winter type weather. Of course, this list almost doubles as my basics list too, give or take a few items. These items aren't in number order, rather they are in the order they came to my mind. Without further ado, my picks for fall & winter.

For a bit of personality & a punch of color I love the look of colored jeans, that are layered with other pieces: button-downs, boots, striped tees, jumpers, etc.... I recently bought a pair of dusty pink skinnies, and I love how I can style for warmer weather with different styles of white shirts, colorful jewelry, and either flats or sandals. Whilst in the cooler weather I can pair them with a button-down, jumper, statement necklace, and some riding boots.

One of my favorite type of shirts to wear is the classic button-down: perfect for layering or wearing alone. They also come in various colors, prints, and patterns -- meaning there is one for everyone. My favorite ones are the gingham plaid ones, of course a nicely fitted one in white is always handy to have. Over the years, I've come to appreciate this style for both casual & dressy outfits as they work for both (just depends on how you style it).

I didn't use to like leopard print that much, mostly because the only examples I had seen were tacky -- and that wasn't a look I wanted to be known for. So when I saw leopard print styled in a classy & stylish way several years ago, I feel in love with the print. The best way to keep leopard print classy is to style it with classic pieces, also find a print that isn't too in-your-face. Of course, this print isn't for everyone I know, but do give it a try and see if it works for you.

Ahh! I have a weakness for striped tee shirts. They are so classic, parisian, girly, and perfect for just about every style (as you can see above). There are striped tees that are plain, with sequins, dressy, and others that are simply casual. I adore wearing my striped tees with other prints (floral or polka-dots), jeans, pencil skirts, full skirts, shorts, well...I think you get the picture.

Over this summer/fall I've come to love a nice statement necklace, as they can add so much to a rather bland outfit. You can wear them with a tee shirt & jeans, perhaps a button-down & pencil skirt, or maybe a flannel & circle skirt. Of course, when you are just starting out with statement necklace you will perhaps feel very self-conscious while wearing one, so start out with a smaller one, before moving on to bigger styles.

Ever since I made my very first pencil skirt, I've been in-love with the style. They are classic, comfortable (to me at least), and come in a verity of colors, textures, and prints. Lately, I haven't made any pencil skirts, mostly because I have been able to find some at the thrift store that fit me perfect. Of course, the only ready-made pencil skirts that fit me are from J.Crew -- all other brands fit me very odd. So if you HAVE tried on the style at the stores, but it didn't work out for you, try other brands or sew your own.

The 1940s and Humphrey Bogart always come to my mind when ever I see a trench coat. Mostly because they have become such a classic staple in everyone's wardrobe (since it's invention during the Great War for the officers in the British & French armies). These coats are perfect for that in-between weather, and also for whenever it is rainy outside. Nowadays this classic coat comes in a verity of styles & colors, but my favorite is still the classic one in the color of khaki.

Jumpers/sweaters are prefect for those chilly, rainy days to help keep away the cold. They can be worn on their own with either a skirt, dress, or jeans. Then you can layer them over a button-down for a more put-togther look. They are simply fantastic for just about every look.

Boots are another weakness of mine. I don't have too many styles personally, just a pair of black riding boot (that needs to be replaced, since it leaks water when ever it rains), some black fashion snow boots, cowgirl boots, and some brown heeled boots. One of these days I really want to buy a pair of combat boots & some booties, as I think they would look amazing with many of my outfits.

Knit skirts & dresses are perfect for those days when you want to wear sweats, yet you want to look stylish. I saw a pin on Pinterest that said, "All women know that knit maxi skirts, are really a dressed up version of the yoga pants." -- or something along those lines. But I dearly love how you can dress them up for a dressy occasion with a sequin jumper & some heels, or dress them down with a scarf, jean jacket, and booties.

Every women needs a chambray button-down in her wardrobe, as they are so versatile and go with just about everything in your wardrobe. When ever I don't know what to wear with something, out comes my chambray button-down. They can be worn as top, layering piece, or even as a cardigan/jacket over another shirt or dress.

Which of these picks will you be adding to your wardrobe this fall/winter?



  1. I already have button downs, striped tees, a statement necklace, a trench coat, a chambray shirt, and a few knit skirts/dresses. So, now, I am on the lookout for a few sweaters, a pencil skirt, and a colored jean skirt! Thanks for the ideas, Ashley! =)

  2. I'll be adding hopefully all of these except for the statement necklace and the leopard print scarf to my wardrobe soon. OK, I already have a few things in the button down, jumper, and knit skirt categories, but I can always use a few more! I don't like leopard, mostly because it reminds me too much of the scrapbook department of the craft store. Too cliche or something like that. I do like that white leopard print scarf you show; that looks fresh. You always have inspirational posts, Ashley, fashion-wise and otherwise. Keep it up!

  3. Great ideas! I love that quote about knit maxi skirts! And I've combined that idea with your "colored jeans" idea to equal several colored knit skirts that are in a prominent place in my closet!

  4. Maybe the question should be, which of these do you "wish" to add to your wardrobe! LOL. I'd love to get some sweaters, pencil skirts, maxi skirts, and maybe some scarves and necklaces. I already have a striped shirt, although it's really more of a sweater (I got the L.L. Bean's French Sailor shirt and I love it!), a trench coat, several button downs, some nice "dressy" brown boots, and a new chambray shirt. So really I'd say I have a good start on my fall/winter wardrobe. Now if it would only stay cold long enough for me to wear some of this stuff!

  5. These are some good picks (I can relate to many of them)! I also like the photos that you chose.
    I know that you have already been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award, but I re-nominated you on my blog, because I don't follow many yet and yours is one of my faves. :)

  6. I'll be adding all of them! Wow, our styles are so much alike its creepy! I REALLY need to go autumn shopping:)~Lee


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