Saturday, October 26, 2013

#AvonleaFW || Diana Barry for Modern Day

What I'm Wearing
Red Wool Coat -- Kenneth Cole via Hautelook ($30)
Cardigan -- Target ($8)
Refashioned 80's Blouse -- Secondhand (free)
Skinny Jeans -- Lands' End Canvas via Thrift Store ($12)
Layered Necklace -- Bass Shoe Outlet ($4)
Tall Boots -- JustFab ($34)
Nail Polish -- Essie in Very Cranberry

My outfit for today was inspired by what Diana Berry might wear if the story was set in modern day, instead of the Edwardian or Victorian age. She would be the girl who had designer handbags, would always look stylish & put together, and would wear colours that looked simply regal. 

I wasn't able to get all the post's I wanted up today, so I'll have some them post tomorrow & I'll also share more on Monday (you can do the same too). Today I worked on switching my out my summer clothes for my winter ones (still not finished), and going shopping with my mom & Gaby to Old Navy where I found some awesome deals (shorts & tee shirts for $1.97 each)! I'll have to film an October shopping haul video sometime this coming week. 



  1. Love it! I absolutely adore the blouse and was so excited to see where you had gotten it. LOL I guess I'll just have to try and make my own. :)

  2. So pretty! I like your modern take on her style!


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