Thursday, October 10, 2013

Avonlea Style for Today + More Details for the Event

In my announcement post regarding the Avonlea Fashion Weekend, I mentioned that one of the categories for the event was going to be: Modern Avonlea Fashion Link-up. For this category y'all can post pictures of you wearing an outfit inspired by the wonderful stories of either Anne of Green Gables, or Road to Avonlea. Or if you don't have time for an outfit post, you can use a Polyvore set that is inspired by either one.

Some things to keep in mind when wanting to recreate that Avonlea look, is to try and include some of the following in your outfit.
  • Puff Sleeves
  • Mint Green (Gilbert's favorite color on Anne)
  • Heart Necklaces
  • Pearl Ring
  • Flowers in your Hair
  • Locket Necklaces
  • Cameo
  • String of Pearls
  • Boots
  • Lace
  • Boyfriend Cardigans
  • Hats
  • Simple Drop Earrings
To give y'all some ideas on how to pull this whole look together, let me share with y'all some Polyvore sets I've made with Avonlea themes. And don't forget, that either watching the AOGG films, or RtA series, or even reading the books will always give you some more inspiration on what to wear. *smile*

Anne of Green Gables 6/50

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Avonlea Inspired

Anne of Green Gables Inspired

Anne of Avonlea Inspired Outfit

Izzy of Road to Avonlea

Felicity King inspired from Road to Avonlea

Anne Shirley from Green Gables

After receiving some questions about how the event will work, let me share with y'all what each category works, that way y'all can start planning out your posts. Ok?
  • Modern Avonlea Fashion Link-up -- Share outfit posts, polyvore set inspired by either AOGG or RtA.
  • Historical Avonlea Fashion Link-up -- Share your costumes that you have made inspired by either AOGG or RtA. You can also share your thoughts on the costumes & how you would recreate them if you like. 
  • Avonlea Workroom & Kitchen Link-up -- Share any craft, sewing, or cooking that you have done inspired by either the AOGG or RtA stories. Perhaps an apron that is AOGG inspired? Host an Avonlea themed tea party & share pictures on your blog.
  • How Avonlea Has Effected Your Life Link-up -- Write a post about how Avonlea has effected your life. Or if you like, you can film a video explaining your love of Avonlea & how you got into the stories. 
Btw, if you don't have time to enter any of the link-up's, you can still enter the giveaway/contest starting October 25th.



  1. I've got my outfit all planned out. :) Can't wait!

  2. Beautiful outfit ideas! I'll be borrowing them for inspiration during the week.

  3. I'm looking forward to doing the modern Road to Avonlea category! So fun! Thanks for hosting this, Ashley!
    I really need to do another event here soon...just been so stinking busy lately!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Hi Ashley and Gabrielle! I nominated ya'll for the sunshine blog award on my blog! Have a lovely day!

  5. It's so perfect!! <3 I love Anne of green gables too.. Thank you for inspiration.. :))

  6. I'm keen on doing the Modern road to Avonlea. :) Although I can't make any promises as we are quite busy this month.


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