Sunday, October 27, 2013

#AvonleaFW || Felicity King Inspired Outfit for Modern Day

What I'm Wearing
Mustard Cardigan -- Forever 21 ($8)
Lace Blouse -- Forever 21 ($6)
Tweed Skirt -- J.Crew via Thrift Store ($12)
Tall Boots -- JustFab ($34)
Pearl Drop Earrings -- Kohl's (gift)
Lip Gloss -- NYC Liquid Lipshine in Midtown Mulberry 
Nail Polish -- Essie in Very Cranberry

Today's outfit was inspired by what Felicity King [from RtA] might wear after she had graduated from the one room school house in Avonlea. With the mix of the tweed skirt, lace blouse, and boyfriend style cardigan the outfit is a great updated version of what they wore in the Edwardian age.

If you have never seen the Road to Avonlea series you really must. It is charming, wonderful, and you will fall-in-love with the characters in the series. If your library doesn't own the DVDs & you have a Netflix DVD account they have them, because of Netflix I've been able to share season 7 with my two youngest sisters, Hanne-col & Abby. It has been lots of fun showing the last season with them [we've been watching the episodes as fast as possible so we can get the next disc]!


[Ashley isn't home this afternoon so the linky will be up later today. -Gaby] 


  1. I love this outfit! I think this is definitely "Felicity Inspired". Since Felicity is in my top favorite character list I was worried about how someone would recreate her look for a modern day style, but I think you did an excellent job and you have wonderful taste. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the color scheme and the lace with the tweed. I remember watching The Road to Avonlea on the Disney channel growing up, but haven't rewatched them as an adult yet. One day I will. :)

  3. Ah, such a nice outfit, Ashley! It definitely looks a lot like something Felicity King would wear! :)

  4. Pretty! Your skirt is wonderful, and you look so nice in mustard yellow cardigan! I have seen most of the RtA series (we own the disc set!) and you did an amazing job modernizing the Edwardian style!


  5. oh my golly goodness this is a gorgeous outfit!

  6. Oh!! This is just Beautiful! I am loving that blouse so much.. I want to get it! But... i can't find it on Forever 21. any ideas on how i could find it?

    1. Oh, I'm sorry, Aimee. I bought this blouse from the F21 website a few years ago, when this blouse was hugely popular on Pinterest (in fact it sold out twice). So I don't think they sell it anymore. I tried to find the name of blouse in my email history. Because my best friend wanted this blouse too & I had discovered the proper name of the blouse to find it on the website (since it was hidden), but I couldn't find that email.

  7. I love your outfit! So jealous of that skirt!


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