Friday, October 18, 2013

What I Wore | Autumn Days are Here

What I'm Wearing
Floral Blouse -- H&M ($4)
Mustard Cardigan -- Forever 21 ($8)
Skinny Jeans -- Lands' End Canvas via Thrift Store ($12)
Tall Boots -- JustFab ($34)
Key Necklace -- Forever 21 ($3)
Dangle Earrings -- Charming Charlie ($3)

We had perfect autumn weather today in Indiana, where it wasn't too cold or hot -- just perfect weather. Which was excellent, since I met up with a friend this afternoon to help her find some professional outfits for a job interview. Than afterwards I picked up another friend and we went to the grocery store to pick up some goodies for a sleepover tonight at our house. We will be having cinnamon rolls, hot cocoa, marshmallows, and who knows what else. The only confirmed movie that we will be watching tonight is, War Horse (2011) with Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch -- an excellent film if you haven't seen it yet. 

What do y'all have planned for the weekend, or this evening?



  1. Sounds so fun! And what a cute outfit! Love the boots & cardigan!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this outfit!!!!

  3. Love this outfit! And I have seen war horse! It was amazing, but made me cry. :'(

  4. I'm having boot/cardigan/shirt envy.......
    Celebrating 3 birthdays and hopefully riding my horse on Sunday! :)

  5. Those riding boots are super cute, Ashley!
    Love your outfit-sort of boho chic-my favorite style!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. I'm off to Bible study tonight and to a wedding tomorrow! :D Have fun watching War Horse; it is indeed excelent, if rather sad.
    I like this outfit, and as everyone else has said, those boots are super. :)

  7. Nice outfit, I love the colors!

    When will you be doing your bedroom / closet / clothes organizing series? I hope very soon!!!! :)

  8. I LOVE the boots! And, yes, War Horse is very excellent!

    Hmm. Most of today: Schoolwork; tonight: hopefully streaming Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and MasterChef Junior over the Internet; tomorrow celebrating my mom's birthday and hopefully taking a break from school!

  9. Totally agree with Jenni, would love to see the organizing series up soon ;)

  10. LOVE that out fit! I really like the skinny jeans and boots with the tunic and cardi!!!

  11. Beautiful outfit, Ashley! Keep up the style!

    It looks like two people said that they want to see a closet blogging series, oh, that would be sooo neat. When are you planning on doing that? I can't wait!


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