Saturday, April 19, 2014

What I Wore | Love is an Open Door

Hello my lovelies! Life has been beyond crazy around here, leaving me very little time for blog posts, YouTube videos, or much else. I did have time yesterday to go to a Disney themed movie party at a friends house, where my sisters & them got all dressed up as different Disney princesses. We had Snow White [that was me], Elsa [Gaby], Belle [Hanne-col], Anna [our youngest sister, Abby], Rapunzel [One of our friends], and Jasmine [another one of our friends. btw, the friends are sisters too] show up. We watched Frozen [for us girls, it was the first time] & Tangled -- two awesome movies! To say the least, we are all now obsessed with the songs and the movie. The song I can't get enough of is, Love is an Open Door. It is so catchy & fun. Of course, the actor who plays Prince Hans is from Broadway and plays Prince Topher in Cinderella.

Anyhow, today has been one of my most relaxing Saturday's that I have had in awhile. This morning me and Gaby took our sister, Abby, to her softball practice. While we waited for her practice to be done we went to Starbucks & Target, which btw, are two of our favorite places. I picked up some bunny marshmallows [they are so cute & yummy], some chocolate on clearance, and the Frozen DVD at Target.
What I'm Wearing
Floral Tank Blouse -- Anthropologie via Clothes Mentor [$12]
Navy Cardigan -- GAP Outlet [$4]
Matchstick Jeans -- J.Crew via thredUP [$5.99] ($10 off your first order)
Earrings -- Target [$4.80]
Red Satchel Bag -- Forever 21 [$19.80]
Leopard Print Flats -- Target [$15]

My outfit for today features several new favorite things: Anthro top and red satchel from F21. The Anthro top I had picked up last month at the Clothes Montor, but had been unable to wear it until today [weather wasn't warm enough]. Whilst I picked up the satchel at Forever 21 this week, when me and my sister did a little shopping trip to the mall on Wednesday evening to F21, H&M, Bath & Body Works, and Sephora [hoping to film a haul video soon!]. Anyhow, if you have been looking for a red satchel do check out the one at Forever 21, as this one is the perfect size and fits everything I need to carry around town.  

Well...I better get going. I'm surprising my Dad with one of his favorite desserts tonight: brownie ice-cream sundae. He just took my brother & youngest sister to the baseball field to practice baseball and softball, and I need to make the brownies before they get home.

But before I go, do leave any questions you would like me or Gaby to answer in a Q&A video!



  1. LOVE your satchel! I'm a sucker for satchel style bags...I may have to see if I can find that one at my Forever 21. :)

  2. This is beautiful! I love your blouse :) And I love Frozen . . . pretty cool (pun kind of not really intended:))!


  3. What are your modesty standards?

  4. Cute outfit! Love the bright red bag and the red blouse.


  5. So cute, Ashley! Your shirt and bag are a home run, in my humble opinion :)

    Alright, onto the questions:

    To Ashley & Gaby:
    What style of clothing would you say has remained steadfast in your wardrobe over the years (i.e- vintage, preppy, boho...)

    What is your all-time favorite item of clothing in your wardrobe?

    What are your opinions on dating/courtship

    Who do you gain the most make-up inspiration from?

    What are your tip 5 favorite bloggers

    If you could meet one blogger in person for the first time, who would that be?

    Where do you see your blog going over the next 5 years?

    If you could win a $1000 shopping spree to any shop (other than amazon ;) what would that be?

    To Ashley:
    I know you obsess over lip products, so: what lip product could you not live without?

    To Gabrielle:
    When and how did you get into photography?

    What is your least favorite musical?

    Thanks ladies! Can't wait for the videos :)


  6. Your outfit is adorable, Ashley!
    And that satchel was a steal-I'm excited I get to visit the only Forever 21 near me next month (5hrs away!)
    Looking adorable as always lady!
    A modest fashion blog:

  7. Forgot my question!
    Any tips/suggestions for newly starting out dressing vintage? I would love to dress in more vintage clothes, I'm just not sure where to start!

  8. I love this pop of red - and your satchel is amazing. ;)
    -What's your favorite old movie? (B&W)
    -What's one staple item you think every girl should keep in her closet?
    -Do you have any wishlist items at the moment?
    -What song are you currently listening to a lot?

    Can't wait to see the video!

  9. Very cute outfit! I love the top and the satchel! They are lovely shades of red.

    A few questions:

    What is/are your favorite color(s)?

    What is your favorite type of food/meal?

    What is your favorite era?

    What is your favorite movie?

    Do you have a favorite song? If so what is it?

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  10. Love the outfit, especially the red and navy combination!

  11. This movie night idea is so great! May have to have one here with my girlfriends! :) Love this blouse & the satchel bag is amazing! I'm thinking I need more red in my wardrobe! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. I'd just like to know what gave you the idea to have a fashion blog! ~Heaven

  13. Girl red is so your color!


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