Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hello my lovelies! I know, I know, I haven't really posted much this week. I've been crazy busy, as our parents have been out of town at a conference, which means I have to take all my siblings to were they need to be everyday. Also, my brother's baseball season has started up again [they won their first game of the season, and another game is this evening]. I'm going to *hopefully* have a review & giveaway post for y'all going up either tomorrow, or Sunday. Yay! Anyhow, onto my favorites for this week.

1. Mint + White + Coral -- I really love this adorable outfit for summer. It looks so fresh & airy. Also, I can't wait for shorts weather to be here, as I have some fun styling ideas up my sleeve [think hipster & vintage inspired].
 2. Lily Collins -- I'm seriously thinking about getting my hair cut into a lob cut, kinda like Lily Collins, for spring and summer. What do y'all think?
 3. The Princess Diaries -- Watched these movies for the first time the past two weekends, and adored them both. I haven't finished the 2nd movie though, as I haven't had the time to finish it yet. *smile*

What are you been loving this past week? Let me know in the comments!


  1. SO excited about the review & giveaway :D Those are always so fun to host and participate in! Also, I'm excited for your vintage inspired short-styling posts. I remember seeing one or two of the Princess Diaries movies before a while back... I really want to see those again now ;D Oh, and I would definitely give the lob cut a try! I'm sure you'll look fabulous in it.

    I'm currently loving: Mexican Embroidered dresses, clog-like sandals, iMac computers (forever ;)


  2. I LOVE The Princess Diaries. :) I liked the first a bit more than the second, but both were really funny and good movies, also super clean which is always a plus!

  3. I think your hair would be adorable that styled like that! SO CUTE! Glad you're enjoying "The Princess Diaries" they're cute movies!

  4. I absolutely adore the first Princess Diaries film! It's so cheesy, but it's hilarious and it's been one of my favorites since it first came out. The second one is okay...I really loved Michael, and I'm not as crazy about the second one because he's not in it. (I know the actor couldn't return because of other commitments or whatever, but it's not the same. Michael is awesome.)

  5. Ahh Princess Diaries. I was never allowed to watch them as a kid, but absolutely adore them now! lol. As for the haircut, go for it! You kind of remind me of Lilly Collins, and I think her hairstyle would suit you really well!

  6. Bastille is so amazing! I love their albums so much. And also, so great live. :) The Princess Diaries is so great. I got the soundtrack for $2 at Goodwill the other day! :) classic. -Alexandra

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