Monday, April 21, 2014

What I Wore | Easter Style [Coral + Cream]

I hope y'all had a delightful Easter! We all went on a little day trip as a family to visit Southern Indiana [visited a War Between the States battle-site] & Louisville, Kentucky [went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory] -- both of which were fun! At the Louisville Slugger Factory I was able to hold the bats of: Ian Kinsler, Josh Hamilton [just a few weeks ago he visited & signed a thank-you note on one of the machines that makes the Major League baseball bats & it included a Bible verse with his signature], Joey Votto, and several others.  
What I'm Wearing
Cream Jumper -- H&M [$14.95]
Cream Artist Tee -- J.Crew [$5.99]
Coral Crop Pants -- Ann Taylor Loft via Thrift Store [$12]
Flats -- Target [$15]
Hat -- H&M [$12.95]

Come warmer weather, I love to don straw hats: they help keep the sun off my face, and help add some personality to any outfit. Of course, when I first started wearing hats I felt odd, uncomfortable, and like everyone was staring at me. When ever I wear a hat now, I will forget I'm even wearing one as it just feels natural, besides wearing a hat is much more popular nowadays [but that doesn't matter too much to me].

Do you like wearing hats? If so, what is your favorite style of hat to wear?



  1. I like wearing hats, I just always seem to forget they're in my closet! My favorite is my grey fedora, though. :)

  2. You were in Louisville!?!?!? Our church is in Kentucky by the river, across from Cincinnati! So close, yet so far! ;P

    I like wearing hats occasionally, and I have a growing collection of them, straw ones especially.

    Glad you had a good Easter!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. I really want to get in to wearing hats! I've been stalking different styles for a while now, and plan to maybe get one this summer to start out. Your outfit is super cute!

  4. I love the right hat, but I find them difficult to pull off... I have a small face and neck and they can overwhelm me. But yours is pretty! I like the knit sweater too.


  5. This is so pretty and classy!

    Blaze Ann of

  6. Love this outfit! It definitely says "spring!" I love the color of your pants pants and your hats looks great as well!


  7. your hat is awesome! It really brings your whole outfit together. I have a few hats, but I don't end up wearing them all that much (PS: I was also homeschooled and I love finding other homeschool bloggers!)


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