Monday, April 28, 2014

What I Wore | Cream + Floral

This past Saturday I attended a friends wedding, which was simply beautiful, and I wore a gorgeous purple-y dress that I had found at the thrift store. Anyways, I was going to share pictures of me in my dress, but it had gotten so warm that day, and I was a hot sweaty mess afterwards that I didn't feel like having pictures taken right then. So instead, you are going to see what I wore after the wedding, once we got home and I had cooled down a bit & felt more refreshed. *smile* But I promise, one of these days y'all will see the dress, as it fits me like a dream!
What I'm Wearing
White Tank -- J.C. Penny [$5]
Cream Shorts -- Ann Taylor Loft via Thrift Store [$12]
Red Skinny Belt -- Forever 21 [$1.50]
Sandals -- Steve Madden [$15] 
Earrings -- Forever 21 [$2.80]

My latest order from OASAP arrived that Saturday afternoon, and since I wasn't sure when I would get outfit pictures [since I'm going to be starting a 10-day live-in nanny job this week], I decided to wear this tunic top right away. I must admit, it doesn't fit me that well and I even got it in a size large. The top won't button down past my hips, as there is not enough fabric to pull across, so I might have to pass this top into my sister, Gaby. Otherwise, this top is just adorable [love the print] and perfect for warm summer days -- it just doesn't fit well. Of course, I could always wear high-waisted things with this top, that way I don't have to button all the buttons. *smile*



  1. I love the print of that top! And the lighting in these photos is gorgeous.

  2. Love the top! I think it would look adorable with some high-waisted jeans or skirt!

  3. Pretty blouse-y shirt! I think it would look great with a high-waisted red skirt.


  4. Such an adorable outfit! I especially love the top. :) I have this thing for floral anything. ;)


  5. What a beautiful top! I hope that you find ways to make it work. :)

  6. You look adorable! I never would've guessed it didn't fit lower down!
    Pastel look really good on you by the way!
    A modest fashion blog:

  7. This is probably one of my favoritest outfits you've ever done. You are simply lovely. <3


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