Monday, January 20, 2014

Favorite Winter Nail Polishes | My Beauty Picks

Today I'm going to share with y'all my favorite nail polish colours for the winter. Which vary from reds, mauves, grey, and various shades of purple -- very different from my summer picks of pinks, greens, and corals. Looking at my list you will notice I like my Essie & OPI's, but I have a few other favorite brands too. *smile* Alright, onto the good stuff, my favorite nail polishes for the winter!

  1. Mauve by Forever 21 -- When I first tried out Forever 21 polishes in 2010 or 2011, the polishes were only alright with the formula being either a bit too goopy or thin. Fast forward to this past fall when I saw that F21 had repackaged their nail polishes into this new sleek modern packaging -- I decided to give them another try. This Mauve color has quickly become a new favorite of mine. Of course, they are sold out of this colour online, but perhaps you can locate the polish in-store. As it only costs $2.80 & goes on just like my beloved Essie & OPI
  2. Berlin There Done That by OPI -- An excellent grey tone polish that works great for my cool/fair/light skin complexion. When ever I just want a neutral grey, I will pick up the polish to wear. This is from OPI's Germany collection, but it should still be in stores like Ulta [which has a huge OPI display], as I'm not sure if I've seen it at Target.
  3. Lady Like by Essie -- This was my second ever Essie polish that I ever bought, and it is the perfect "lady-like" mauve colour [it is one of Lauren Conrad's top nail polishes]. You could describe this colour as: pink meets grey with a touch of taupe. Perfection. 
  4. Merino Cool by Essie -- This is the darkest grey polish that I own, but it has a slight tint of purple to it -- which makes it fairly easy to wear. As you can see, I really like my grey polishes come cooler weather. *smile*
  5. Blowing Rasberries by Butter London -- This is the only Butter London polish that I own, and I adore it! The color goes on well [kinda like a pinky red], and lasts forever on my toes. Eventually I would like to own more Butter London polishes, but since they cost $15 a bottle, I can't quite justify that price range right now into my budget. 
  6. Very Cranberry by Essie -- If you are looking for the perfect raspberry/red polish, be sure give this one a try. I picked this polish up on a whim last fall from Ulta & haven't regret my action since then, as I adore this colour! This colour would also be perfect for spring & summer.
  7. Pat on the Black by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure -- Even though the polish has the name black in the title & it looks really dark in the bottle, it is the most beautiful dark purple colour. It kinda borders on the black side, but you can see the purple tints. I love a nice dark purple in the winter, not sure why, but of course this colour isn't for everyone.  
  8. In The Cable Car-Pool Lane by OPI -- I seriously love OPI's San Francisco collection that came out last fall, as they came out with several colors that I adore, but we are only talking about one of those today & it is a beautiful medium jewel toned purple -- again with the purple. Be sure to look up swatches of this polish, as it is really pretty. 
  9. Got The Blues For Red by OPI -- I first heard & saw this polish in some of Elle Fowler's YouTube videos [last winter?]. I instantly tracked down the colour on ebay for $5, as it was the perfect rich blue-red for winter & vintage looks. I'm not sure if this colour is in-stores, but you could look.
  10. Champagne by Nailtini -- I received this nail polish in one of my ipsy bags last year & it is a lovely rose-gold color. The color goes on well & isn't too streaky for a gold type polish. This brand is only sold online at the Nailtini website, so that is the only downside.  
What are your favorite nail polishes for the winter?



  1. I love most dark colors for winter. Especially plum and burgundy! I think that burgundy with a glitter coat is my very very favorite combination. Love your picks :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Nice picks. Can ya do the closet organizing series soon?


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