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Tempus Fugit: 5 Fashion Tips For Women in a Hurry

The era we live in is one big rush hour. We are always falling behind. We have a lot more to catch up with whether we like it or not. There are things to learn, places to go to, people to meet, things to do. Of course, we women have to get to work, manage chores at home, and take of personal “to do” lists before getting to the unending stream of “professional to-do” lists.

But we are women, after all, and we need to look good. We take pride in the way we carry ourselves, and the fashion statements we make. It’s just the way nature designed us and with just few exceptions to the rule, if you are born as a woman, looking good is the most important, single-entry “to-do forever” list. Fashion tags to us like flies tag to sugar. There isn’t a day in our lives when we aren’t wondering how we look, how we feel, and what impression we make on others.

That’s just the way we roll.

With all those things to take care of, where on earth is the time for elaborate makeups, hour-long showers with bathing scents, and for trying out 23 different types of wear that ends up suitable for that particular day? How do you manage to look good, fashionable, and awesome-looking when you barely have time to clip your nails or tie a ponytail? There are ways. If you are a woman in a hurry, here are a few fashion tips for you:

Exercise. Everyday.

As if your life wasn’t a time suck, how likely is taking away another 30 minutes to one hour of your day for daily workout going to help really? If you ask us, if you just did this and nothing else, you’d be far ahead of 90% of the population. Get your daily dose of exercise and within months, everything you wear will begin to look exceptionally good on you.

 On top of that, working out everyday keeps you in shape, gives you a sense of balance, keeps your head clear, and rushes blood to all parts of your body (including – and most importantly – your face). Well-toned, healthy people have a radiance that’s hard to match. This kind of fashion, ladies, never goes out of fashion. What kind of makeup can beat that sort of a look? Go ahead. Let us know.

Forget trends. Go make your own

For once, stop poring through those glossy magazines trying to get the look that those gorgeous models carry about themselves. It’s not that you shouldn’t try to look that way; it’s just that today isn’t the time for it. Go out with what you have. Wear whatever you’d like to. Try stepping out without (or with minimal makeup).

While you are doing that, let your hair down. Stop fretting about how you look. As long as what you wear is decent enough, you are as fashionable as you can be for the day. 

Sometimes, you just need to make your own little mark. Being true to you is the best kind of fashion there is.

Basics and minimalism helps

If you are always in a hurry and hard-pressed for time, there’s no time for you to try out variations and combinations. That’s when you ought to depend on classics. Hang on to basics of fashion 101 and all those timeless fashion hits will never fail you.

Make Like
Denims, jackets, scarfs, shawls, sweaters, t-shirts, skin-hugging trousers, and many other types of wear (including accessories) are basics and you’ll never fail with them. Unless you are walking into a boardroom (which we’ll talk about next), you’ll get away with all of these options. For clothes, it’s the basics. For accessories, it’s minimalism.

No matter what you do, keep it low profile. Dazzle strategies don’t really tell the world who you are. 

As for most things in life, sticking to basics and practicing minimalism itself is a fine art.

Fashion and work don’t go well

It’s understandable that you’d spend more than 30+ years at work and so that’s where you’d meet a lot of people. That’s the place where you’ll create impressions.

Yet, surprisingly, office and fashion don’t get along well. Try anything brazen and you’ll be embarrassed. Try anything too simple and it’s time for some gawking and questions again. For work and for office, stick to what always works. Simple formals.

If you have dress-down days (like Fridays), go back to basics. Too much of anything is bad and that especially applies to loud accessories and makeup. So try simple things like a scarf around your neck with jeans and t-shirt. Try a minimalistic hip-hugging leather belt on blue skintight trousers and a matching top.

At work, it’s the little things that get you mileage. Change earrings each day. Try a different nail polish for every day of the week. You get the idea, don’t you?

Anything extra goes for downtime

You’d still have to visit the parlor. You’d need a hairdo, every now and then. Nails need polishing, face needs bleaching. It never ends. You’ll do well to schedule downtimes in your week (probably weekends?) and make do with what you get. Always keep it simple. There was this blonde who went out on a Tuesday and turned into a brunette by Wednesday. Don’t be that lady.

The key is to do all you can to keep yourself low key but interesting; simple but intriguing. It’s usually the simple things that make all the difference. Distractions can only destroy what you were trying to establish in the first place.

Often, sexiness is in simplicity.

If you are a woman in a hurry, we are curious to know what you’d do to keep up to the demands of looking your best. How do you pull it off? What do you do to look your glorious best while you don’t have the time to spare?

Author Bio:: Jessica Gray has been working as a freelance writer for a long time. She has a diverse background in fashion and style. She loves sharing her opinions on the latest fashion trends and is an expert on Flower Girl Dress.


  1. This is an incredible article. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice tips! I'm finding minimalism and plain shirts are my best friends!
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  3. Great tips, i agree that today we are so much in rush and that make us ignore many things. But thanks for sharing this useful tips.


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