Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Top Six Wardrobe Essentials

When I asked on my Facebook page last week for some post ideas, one of the suggestions was my top picks of wardrobe essentials. Of course, everyone's list is going to be different, why even my picks would have been different just two years ago. But over the years I've been learning what I truly love to wear & what fits my style for right now: which is classic, preppy, a dash of European, and with a touch of vintage [1960s].

My top six wardrobe picks are the following:

  1. Classic Skirt. It can either be in an a-line style [which is what is pictured], or the ever classic pencil skirt -- both styles are favorites of mine. 
  2. Tee shirts. They can either have classic graphic designs on them, have stripes [very classic & Parisian], or be in a solid colour. I used to not be a huge fan of the tee shirt, but now I have a whole drawer filled with them in various colours, patterns, and designs. They are perfect to pair with a skirt, or jeans. You can dress them down, or up -- depending on how you style them.
  3. Statement Necklaces. I know these aren't for everyone, but you should really try to find a style that works for you. They are so fun to wear, and can really dress up an outfit. 
  4. Classic ballet flats. A great pair of ballet flats can really make an outfit, especially some classic leopard print flats as they can go with just about anything. I really fell in love with my pair when we were down in Florida.   
  5. Cardigan. You really need a wardrobe full of cardigans in both some classic colours & some fun colorful ones. They are perfect to throw on when wearing a dress, skirt, jeans, or even shorts. They are great for all seasons, and just lovely. You can even find them now days plain, or with some sort of embellishment on them. 
  6. Jeans. There are many styles to choose from now days: bootcut, trouser, boyfriend, or skinny. Personally, I adore all four styles for different occasions and seasons -- they all have their purpose and I don't think you should stick to one style. Find as many styles & fits that work for YOU and your body type.  
What are your wardrobe essential picks?



  1. Love your list! For me cardigans, jeans and flats as well. Fitted cute blazers are also on my list + scarves because I feel like I can throw those on with a tee and be ready to go no matter what! I would add riding boots (for warmer seasons). Right now I am loving dressy-er sweatshirts! I finally found some statement necklaces that work for me this fall. (you can check them out on my blog by using the fashion tab!) but they are basically a bunch of varying sized smaller beads clustered together to make a statement (Rather than larger pieces.. bubble shapes etc.) It ended up being more expensive (probably more work to attach many small pieces..) but still not too bad. I got sort of a minty aqua and a bright pink. I wear them so much! Great with dressier/cuter things... but also really pull together skinnies, sparkly sweatshirt and uggs :) Stop by and say hello :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. Hey Ashley! I've been following you for a while, and you've got a really cute sense of fashion. I like your modesty, keep it up! And quirky skirts are definitely an essential ;)



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