Thursday, January 16, 2014

Photographs are Keepers

Today, the photography industry has evolved a lot. Sometimes, the way photos are taken, the way they look, it is really breathtaking. There are outstanding pictures with amazing views of New York, taken by different New York photographers. For some of them it is a job, for the others it is a hobby. In the end, they all take pictures of the same city views, which look differently. Every image is unique and it has a unique vibe. The photographer may be the one who makes it look good or it can be the place that is photographed. There are many beautiful phenomena we all do not get to see all the time. But there is always a photographer who captures it. If a star is falling down and the fall is captured by the camera and later it is no more a falling meteorite, it is a picture, a picture that can be seen by anyone else. If you live in a city with too many lights to see a real thing like this you can look at the picture and let your imagination create the moving of the star. There is always something really cool about the idea of the photography. First of all is a technical process with years of developing physics behind. Secondly, photography is art, available today for many people and moreover it is a process of crystallizing moments, bits that sometimes mean a lot to us and sometimes mean nothing. The photography is great because sometimes you get to see what so you need or what you don’t, once it is captured. Surely, there was once a photo that made you feel bad about yourself, it made you change the way of thinking or the way of acting. I’m not trying to bring up the bad of our lives, but let’s face it, there are a lot of pictures that can make us cry like little babies. It is important to understand that photographs are keepers. Photographs own so many different things, colors and feelings. It is always good to look at the camera and let it capture you, even if you are in your worst condition. Life is short and you should know where you have been to understand how far you have come. And it can always be a good picture that brings up the best of you. Photography is always like this. It can make you feel worse or better within seconds, just because it holds so many non-tangible points, which are only influencing the general impression you get about the photo.

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