Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I Wore | Pop of Colour for Winter

What I'm Wearing
Chambray Button-down -- T.J.Maxx [$10]
Striped Tee -- Forever 21 [$6.80]
Floral Pencil Skirt -- J.Crew via Thrift Store [$13]
Tights -- Target [$5]
Booties -- Old Navy [$17]
Earrings -- Forever 21 [$3]
Bow Ring -- Madewell [gift]
Bracelet -- J.Crew [$10]

Do y'all remember the past I did last October on my fashion picks for fall & winter? Well, this outfit kinda combines most of the items that are on that list into one outfit. Pencil skirt? check. Striped tee? check. Chambray Button-down? check. Boots? check. The only downside about this outfit, is that this pencil skirt doesn't feature a built-in lining. Which means it just clings to my tights like crazy, even with me wearing a slip underneath. I guess some skirts just don't adapt well to cold temperatures. *smile* Oh, well...guess I just need to save it for spring.



  1. I'm feeling you girl, about the clingy-skirts-to-tights problem! I HATE that ;P

    Sweet outfit, and I'm particularly in love with your booties <3


  2. Oh my gosh! I have this one pencil skirt that drives me NUTS!!!! It's always clinging to my tights, which of course I continually forget until the next time I wear them! Great outfit, Ashley!
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