Thursday, January 2, 2014

What I Wore | Keeping Warm in the Winter

What I'm Wearing
Cream Jumper -- GAP ($10)
Grey Cords -- H&M ($15)
Boots -- JustFab ($35)
Faux-Fur Scarf -- J.Crew ($9)
Pin -- Vintage  (My Mum's jewelry collection)
Taupe/Grey Handbag -- Relic @ Kohls (gift)
Fingerless Gloves -- c/o Alice Hannah [giveaway]
Red Lipstick -- c/o Mía Mariú 

Here it is, my first outfit post of 2014 and my outfit pictures are already inside. Well...the reason why they were taken inside is because there was a snow storm going on outside, and I didn't want to stand outside in the freezing temperatures just to get some awesome pictures. Anyhow, I spent most of today out shopping with my mom, I know call us crazy, but we really need to do some grocery shopping after being gone on vacation. To keep warm whilst shopping, I really piled on the layers: a jumper that normally makes me overheat, faux-fur scarf, cords, boots, fingerless gloves, and not pictured: my carmel coat & beret. To say the least, I was able to look cute & stylish while keeping warm.  

Also, while we were out today me & my mom stopped by at our favorite thrift store. There I found this beautiful chambray skirt for $12 by the UK brand, French Connection. It will be perfect for my style theme for this Spring & Summer, as I'm going for a classic/vintage/Parisian chic look. 



  1. I love those fingerless gloves! So cute.

  2. I really like your bag, and that skirt is so pretty! And I must say, I'm pretty jelous of that book collection in the background. : )

    1. You would love our house then, we have an entire library in our house (the part you are seeing is the biography section), every room is filled with books (except for the bathrooms & pantry). :) We seriously question any people who say they have a lot a books, we always think, you haven't seen our house as we have thousands of books!

  3. So cute! I especially love your fur scarf. <3

  4. You look so elegant, Ashley! I adore that fur, is it part of your sweater? Or a scarf? Either way it's gorgeous, especially paired with white-you've inspired me to dig my fur scarf and white cardigan out!
    A modest fashion blog:

  5. Lovely, cozy looking outfit! I love taking my Mom's old brooches and pins. People always comment when I wear one, since they just aren't worn much. I think they are such a fun unique touch!

  6. I have a great love of vintage brooches. Very sweet and simple outfit. Thank you for the inspiration. - Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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