Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sisters at a Masquerade!

I'm sorry this post is late. Thankfully, Amanda, has the linky open until Saturday.

Well guess what?!?! I was able to get Gabrielle, Hanne-col, and my youngest sister Abigail to join me in Amanda's Online Masquerade event! =) Now, I will warn you none of us are wearing masks. We will be "attending" the masquerade mask less. ;-)

1. Hanne-col (Jo March) 2. Abigail (She told me to write, "Costume inspired from the Captain Kidd movie.") 3. Ashley {me} (Maid Marian) 4. Gabrielle (Marianne Dashwood)

Hanne-col {Jo March}

For her costume Hanne-col borrowed everything, but the apron from me (Ashley). The apron she borrowed from Gabrielle. Doesn't she look nice in a 1860s dress? I think the era suits her very well.  

The dress was made for my 18th birthday party. My theme was not Little Woman, but come as a book character you are most like. You can see me wearing my dress here. I used an out of print simplicity pattern for the dress - don't remember pattern number right now and I can't find it online. I made two changes to the pattern. First, reduced the size of the sleeves (I didn't have enough fabric). Second, I didn't use the pattern pieces for the skirt portion. =) 

Abigail {Inspired from Captain Kidd (1945)}

As you can see, Abigail is more of a tomboy. =) Her costume was borrowed from her older brother (he is between Hanne-col and Abigail). Which I made for Vision Forum's Reformation 500 last year. Now her hat is mine and the cowgirl boots are Gabrielle's. The rest is all our brother's. This is the pattern I used for the breeches and shirt. It is really easy to use and follow. Highly recommend. 

Ashley {Maid Marian in the Nottingham castle [Robin Hood BBC TV Show]}

The bodice of my costume was sewn for Vision Forum's Reformation 500 event last year. While my shirt and skirt were made for their Jamestown 400 event. I'm also wearing a fashion ring, Tudor necklace, and owl earrings. 

Bodice -  McCall's 4696 view E
Shirt - Simplicity 5582 view C
Skirt - Just basic rectangles gathered into a waistband. I used 3 yards. =) 

Gabrielle {Marianne Dashwood} 
 Once again, another sister is borrowing one of my costumes. Good thing we are all close in size - but not in height. =) Gabrielle is wearing my Marianne Dashwood outfit that I made back in 2008 for a trip to Williamsburg, VA.  You can read all the details on this costume here.  She is also wearing a cameo necklace from London. =)

Thank you, Amanda, for hosting this fun event! It was so much fun to play dress up with my sisters. =) 



  1. ASHLEY! Oh! You should all do this more often! Your littlest sister is so cute, and you all look lovely in your dresses!

  2. Ohh, everyone looks divine! Its no surprise you aren't showing the back of "Jo's" dress as I'm sure it has a scorch mark or two!

  3. Ashley! Lovely to see sisters have fun together. My sis and I are like that. I have to say that the side shot picture of you is simply lovely. You really are a lovely young lady. I enjoy reading about your projects and adventures. Keep it up!

    In Christ,

  4. Love all the dresses!!! Gabrielle's is my favorite though---I'm currently reading Sense and Sensibility!
    In Christ,


  5. I love all the outfits!! I especially like Abigail's! And Hanne-col looks wonderful in the Jo March dress!!

    You all look lovely. :)

  6. All your dresses are lovley! Have a fun time with your sisters:)

    Ileigh Jean

  7. You all are wearing such lovely outfits!!!

  8. Lovely! Such happy outfits...especially yours. :)

    *SOB* NO masks! :( But those are rather itchy, so I forgive you...

  9. Thanks everyone! We had lots of fun taking the pictures and dressing up in costume.


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