Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sneak Peek - "The Young Victoria" inspired costume

Yesterday afternoon I drapped the bodice of my newest costume of the year! {see picture above.} Like my only costume so far in the year 2010!

This is the dress I'm getting my inspiration from. It is from the movie, The Young Victoria {2009}.

I hope to have more pictures and maybe, video of me making the dress later today, or later this week. =)

I do have one question. Do any of you know how to speed up a video using a macbook? The video clip I have is 25 minutes long. I would like to show that same clip in a shorter time frame - like 10-15 minutes. Any ideas? 



  1. Do you use iMovie? If so, you can adjust speed on there.

  2. Thanks, Rebecca! Yes, I'm using iMovie. I just bought my macbook a few weeks ago and I'm still figuring it all out. =)


  3. Ooohh!!! I'm so excited to see the finished product! It's going to be lovely! And from what I can tell, the fabric you chose is beautiful!

  4. Ooh...I'm so excited to see how this turns out! & I have GOT to see that movie one of these days...

  5. in iMovie double click on the clip, and adjust the duration time. Aren't macs awesome? =)


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