Monday, September 20, 2010

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What I'm Wearing - 9-20-10

What I'm Wearing - 9/20/10


-What I'm Wearing-

Floral Skirt - Made by me {Pattern I used}
Purple T-shirt - Kohl's
Jean Vest - Made by me
Plaid Scarf - Kohl's (came with a t-shirt)
Butterfly Necklace - Kohl's
Purple Leaf Earrings - Etsy {AmandaBeth Boutique}
Black Boots - Bass Shoe Outlet 

Today was rather warm, meaning I was hot in my boots and long-sleeves. But I didn't care as I love this new outfit combination. Out of all my printed skirts, this one has to be the most versatile. I have worn it many different ways - they are all featured on the blog here. 

Didn't do much today. Went to work. Researched for some upcoming sewing projects. Went for a walk after dinner with my mom. I'm watching a baseball game on TV right now. My team is winning - for now at least. =)  What did you all do today? 



  1. Ooh, how cute! I love the butterfly necklace.

  2. Aren't you just too excited for fall?! It's my favorite season--you can wear so many different things!


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