Monday, September 20, 2010

Latest Sewing Project | Purse

Purse/Bag 1

Sunday evening I created this purse/bag. I used a pattern that Gabrielle drafted for the bag part. And just cut pieces out for the inside pocket, handle, and the tabs that handle connects too. 


The fabric is from Joann Fabrics. While the button is vintage, made in Holland, and back in it's day cost 13 cents for three buttons on a card. Don't you wish that buttons still host this much? I know I do. I find that it is cheaper for me to buy vintage buttons, rather then modern buttons. How odd, but nice.  

The handles

I still have fabric left over. So, I'm thinking of making one for our etsy shop. This bag is wonderful and holds spiral notebooks, sketchpads, books, and what-not. It evens has one handy pocket for your cell-phone. Hurray! No fishing for your phone when you need it! Hint, hint. ;-) 

Pocket inside purse.

I'm thinking this purse will be my staple at conferences. Like the up-coming SAICFF.



  1. That bag is so adorable! It would be awesome if you put one in your Etsy shop.

    In Christ,


  2. Hey, that fabric looks familiar - I bought some to make a purse too! Cuteness.


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