Thursday, September 2, 2010

Belle’s Wardrobe Fashion Event - Day 2

Today is day two of Hannah's Belle's Wardrobe fashion event. I am so excited to join in the fun event! You see, Belle is my favorite Disney princess. Plus, the soundtrack is awesome!  Today's post will be a modern outfit that I put together inspired by Belle.

-What I'm Wearing-

Ruffle Tee - Anne Taylor
White & Blue Floral Pencil Skirt - Made by me
Black Suede Moccasins/flats(?) - Naturalizer
Butterfly Dangle Earrings - Kohl's
Blue Headband - Tulle from my sewing room.  

Roses and this shade of blue make me thing of Belle - especially if they are together. My outfit reminds me of her blue dress with the white apron and blouse. You know, the outfit at the top of this post. =)



  1. Blue is definitely a Belle color. ;) Cute!

  2. Oh, Belle is my favorite Disney princess too!!!!


  3. Beauty & The Beast is by far my most favorite Disney movie ever! I am so much like I just loved this post on Belle and your Belle Inspired outfit! :)

  4. We just watched that movie last fun. :P

  5. My favorite movie, my favorite princess, my favorite music, my favorite flower...etc. :) Very cute outfit, by the way. ;)

  6. Very pretty. Love it =] Would you consider joining the fashion show at my blog, Mod Style Lounge, next month?

  7. Yah!!! You all love Belle too! *grins* =)

    Sarah - Your fashion show sounds like lots of fun! I will try and join in the fun.

  8. Thank you so much for your entry! I definitely like the blue! :)


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