Monday, September 6, 2010

Road to Avonlea

A few weeks back at a book sale I found a treasure. Season three of Road to Avonlea. The only problem - it is missing the last disc. How sad. The good news. I have fallen in love the story, characters, costumes, and music! This was my first time watching this old TV show from the 90s.

After watching only ONE episode my sewing list grew by leaps and bounds. =) Now what will seven seasons and one reunion movie do to my sewing list?!?!  I can't wait to buy the rest of the series and movie. And of course, the soundtrack!

I want to thank my dear reader, Heather, for recommending this series to me! You have my sisters and I hooked on this wonderful TV show! =)

Do any of you know of sites with good pictures from Road to Avonlea? Or, a site that talks about the costumes?

Do any of you love Road to Avonlea? Who is your favorite character? Which character are you most like? I'm sorry to say, that I'm quite like Felicity - sometimes. I think I need to change. =)

What is your favorite costume(s)? I love Felicity's and Olivia's clothes!

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  1. Do I love it?! I ADORE IT!!!! <3 One of the best. shows. ever. hands down. So fun and charming, and I love the time era and costumes and the prettiness of Prince Edward Island. :siiiiggghhhh: ;)

  2. You've only seen one episode of RTA? o.O Ohhhh its my favorite show ever! Much better then the Anne movies (in my humble opinion.) The characters are all so endearing, the story lines enchanting, and of course nothing is more beautiful then the PEI landscape! Yum. It all gives me a warm-fuzzy-happy feeling. :)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with sewing-wise, and what you think of the series! My favorite character is Felix King - he was so adorable as a little chap, and was always causing some sort of mischief...then again I also love Felicity, even with her bossiness. ;) (ok, I've gotten on one of my favorite topics...time to stop before I write an entire novel!
    :P )


  3. Last thing! Have you been on the official RTA website? There are tons of pictures, episode summary's, etc there. And don't forget youtube for finding episodes! (I've noticed that libraries seem to only carry episodes from the first season, but maybe that's just in my area. ;) )

  4. I would have to say i enjoy Felix King the best. Especially the episode where he marries and the Christmas one when he is at War. And he is such a PILL! ahaha
    Hagwood Hardy does a great job on the soundtrack aswell. He also did Anne of Green Gables!



    The Official Site

  6. OOOOHHH, I need to watch this! :) I *love* Anne of Green Gables, so this looks so good!! :)
    Thanks for posting those lovely pictures!
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  7. I really like RTA,too!! The outfits are simply divine! One of my favorite eras, fashion wise.
    I don't own any, but my aunt has all but the 1st and 7th seasons, so we borrow them for her. I thought they got better as the seasons went on, so I am really looking forward to seeing the 6th season!
    Like Michaela mentioned, the RTA officail site is great, plus you could try checking out Fanpop for loads of pictures.
    My favorite characters are Miss Stacey and Olivia.


  8. I love Road to Avonlea too! I think my favorite characters and Gus,Sarah and Aunt Hetty. I am not sure where you can find info about their costumes though,I have been looking for the same thing. I just love all their costumes and I would love to try to re-create a few!

  9. I quite like Felicity too! *blush* I JUST LOVE when Sarah cuts her hair!!!! {giggles}!!!

  10. Oh, I'll have to comment more on th is later. Road to Avonlea is my FAVORITE show...and when you can afford it, you should buy all seven seasons on DVD...that's my plan, too. Gus and Felicity are my favorite characters...and you'll really like the ending of season romantic!!!!

    I'd go to Kevin Sullivans website for images....If I find any others, I'll let you know. This show is so clean and very uplifting....LOVE IT...I'm so excited you've discovered RTA, too!!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  11. I loooooooove this show! We have a few seasons!
    I like Cecili,Gus Pike (mainly cause I love his accent and his fiddle.) and I like
    Felicity, when shes older and isn't as bossy!!

    I love Olivia's,Felicitys,Cecili's, and Aunt Hettys outfits! Oh,and Sarah!!! I really love all the 1900's outfits! I absoultey love the outfits that felicity wears when she runs the orphange and her wedding episode! Her wedding outfit is amazing!
    I love looking at all the lovely hats too!

  12. I wish I had Felicity's wardrobe! When shes older!( like the last 2 seasons)

  13. So happy for you that you discovered this show! Its superb fun! The locations are breathtaking and the costumes are gorgeous (especially in the last couple seasons:). I love Olivia and Felicity's costumes in those last two seasons. Enjoy!

  14. I love Road to Avonlea! I grew up watching that show, it was a family favorite. To this day I still watch old episodes when I'm at my mom's! :) I think Olivia & Janet are my favorite characters.


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