Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun Video - Draping "Young Victoria" inspired bodice

Hello everyone!

I've put together a quick video of me draping the "Young Victoria" inspired bodice. This is my first video. So I hope you all like it. I would like to try and do more videos for the blog - hopefully sometime soon. =) I also want to thank my readers who helped me out with my movie editing question earlier. Thank you!



  1. Wow, you make it seem so easy! You should see me attempting to "drape" a cover for my dressform that I padded out. :)


  2. Ashley....

    I just watched the video and it's really CUTE and super fun...and I never thought I'd ever be that excited about fabric will that be turned right side out when it's finished?...and I don't know about this kind of sewing using a body form...because I"ve only ever done sewing with pattern does that give you a more accurate fit?...and I noticed you didn't use a pattern that how a bodice would have been made back in the old days? ANyway...I was really delighted with the video...DEFINITELY make more of them as time permits...and the process looks interesting. Someday you'll have a studio with bolts and bolts of fabric EVERYWHERE :) :) :) This is wonderful!!! Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) p.s. I just got my grandmother's antique JP Coats wooden two-drawer sewing box. It actualy belonged to her mom...and this thing must be nearly 100 years old...thought you'd like to hear about that since you're into sewing :) :) :) Someday I'll post a photo of it.

  3. WOW Ashley I loved watching you drape, it was fun to see how you go about it. I still am very scared of draping, but this made me want to try it again. :) My dress form though is way too big, its not my size at all, so someone would have to do it on me. I could try on my sister, but that probably will never happen. :)

    loved seeing you do it though!

    In Christ,

  4. Wow you make that look very easy! I've never done it but it looks lots of fun. You should definitly continue making movies. I think it would be great if you talked and explained what you were doing as you went.Anyways I thought it was realy neat and am exited to see the finished dress!


  5. exceedingly jealous of all your books.

    Where did you get your jersey form? I want to get into sewing more, and I really want to get one, but they can be expensive :(

  6. Wow! Great job Ashley, I really enjoyed the video. You make it look so easy! I would love to try it, but I don't have a dress form. They are so expensive!

  7. Thanks everyone. I will try and do more videos. Eventually, I will get the nerve to talk in my videos. :)

    Heather - Yes, after I'm done sewing the seams I turned it right-side out. With draping, or pattern drafting (making your own patterns) you can get a much better fit to your body. And yes, they did do this back then. They didn't have any patterns like we know today back then. You are really too sweet. =) Wow, that is amazing! I can't wait to see pictures.

    Rebecca - Draping isn't that hard. Maybe you can talk Bethany into letting you try draping on her. =)

    Megan - You should see the rest of our house. It is filled with bookshelves with tons of old books, and some new ones too. I got my dress-form for Christmas. But my parents bought it on Black Friday (after Thanksgiving day sale) at Joann Fabrics. They usually have their dress-forms marked down really low then.

    Joanna - Try looking at yard sales, second-hand shops, and Joann's during their after Thanksgiving sales.


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