Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What I Wore | Classics for Spring

Today I've been getting ready for the start for the Seniors Luncheon, which starts back up tomorrow after a winter break. If you don't know what this is and you missed my explanation about this before, it is a luncheon that are church does once a month from March/April - November for the senior citizens within out church & their friends. Last year Gaby & I took over running the event, since the two girls who ran it before us couldn't do it anymore, and we cook an entire lunch & dessert with the help of some girls from our church who are in junior high and high school [or have already graduated from high school]. It is a lot of fun to do!
What I'm Wearing
Black Tank -- St. John's Bay via JCPenny [$5]
Skinny Jeans -- Jessica Simpson via Thrift Store [$2.40]
Leopard Flats -- Target [$15]
Fawn Necklace -- Forever 21 [$2.80]
Earrings -- Lauren Conrad for Kohl's [gift]
Handbag -- Relic via Kohl's [gift]

I don't why, but I keep wearing the colours: black, taupe, grey, and camel. I used to be all about wearing the brightest colours, and mixing a bunch of crazy prints together. Perhaps because I'm getting older now, I want to dabble more in wearing classic colours & designs. The up-side of wearing more classics pieces is that they never go out of style -- which is a plus.  

I received this black chiffon blouse from OASAP this past week and I'm in LOVE with it! It fits like a dream and I love that the back is longer that the front. Of course, since it is made of chiffon you have to wear a tank or cami underneath for modesty's sake. The blouse also comes in white & TARDIS blue. I think this blouse would also look great with skirts and shorts in the summertime, that I'm thinking I should pick-up the other two colours too. *grin* 

Well...I better going. Dinner will be served soon & I'm getting real hungry. Talk to y'all later!

What do you think about my more classic/neutral outfits? 



  1. I love the way classic outfits look. Although, I feel like my own wardrobe looks kind of bland with the solid colors I've worn for years. I've been trying to buy more things with some tame patterns like simple florals and polka dots to change things up a little, in fact, I noticed your shoes in the picture. I always see patterned shoes but never know what I'd style them with when I'm just standing there in the store.

    1. If you buy a pair of leopard print shoes, just treat them like a neutral, as they go with just about any outfit. :)

  2. I personally love your neutral/classic outfits! They look so lovely.

    walking in the air.

  3. Hi! Could you post a list of "spring essentials" or the like so I can get ready to go shopping? That would be great! I like this outfit, it looks polished but at the same time laid-back.
    Three specific questions:
    ~ What are some ways to style a black skirt? I have several, but I need a bit of inspiration I suppose ;)
    ~ Also, what are some ways you style Toms (or equivalent) shoes? I've seen some people pair them with dresses, but I can't seem to make it work. What type of outfit do you suggest I pair them with?
    ~ Where do you buy your cute flats?

    1. Ooo...for some reason I've never thought to do a "spring essentials" type post. I always do them every autumn, but never for any other season. Silly me. :p

      - Regarding styling black skirts, there are several ways you could style them. With striped tees, lace blouses, chambray, gingham blouses, etc... Perhaps I could do a post on styling them someday. :)

      - I did a bunch of outfit posts styling a pair of red Toms a couple summers ago. Here are links to those posts:

      - I buy most of my flats from Target & Old Navy. I do have two pairs of flats that I bought online from ModCloth & Ruche.

    2. Thanks for all the tips! I really appreciate it and look forward to maybe a "spring essentials" and black skirt post ;)

    3. Also, where did you find Toms for 50 cents?!! :) What a deal!

  4. You look stunning! I adore this outfit! Skinny jeans, flowy tops, and flats are my day to day uniform right now.
    I love the idea of a Senior's Luncheon...what a great ministry!

  5. How many pairs of pants, capris, skirts, dresses, etc do you have (approximately)? The reason I am wondering is because I'm trying to build up a wardrobe and I need to know how many of each garment you suggest I have. Thanks!

  6. I love neutrals, but often find myself wearing bolder colors.

  7. Hey!! I just found your blog a few months ago. CUTE outfit! I have a request, could you wear more outfits in skirts please?!?! I only wear skirts, and I need more outfit ideas!
    ----- Abigail...p.s. I'm on my moms account.

  8. You look so grown up, Ashley! ( in a good way!) I'm all for neutral, though I buy far too much printed items, I always fall back on my plain classic pieces!
    A modest fashion blog: www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com


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