Friday, March 28, 2014

What I Wore | Florals to the Office

I wore a fun & colourful outfit to the office today. Yeah, it wasn't that warm outside, but it felt like spring to me, since I wasn't wearing a dark & wintery outfit. What I can't wait for is it to be warm enough for me to wear all of my cute dresses with some flats & a cardigan. *sighs*
What I'm Wearing
Floral Pencil Skirt -- J. Crew via Thrift Store [$13]
Crocheted Lace Tank Blouse -- Liz Claiborne via Thrift Store [$8]
Coral Cardigan -- J. Crew via thredUP [$8.99]
Black Pumps -- Madden Girl via Clothes Mentor [$9]
Statement Necklace -- Clothes Mentor [$7]

What do you know? My entire outfit for today is thrifted from either local thrift stores, or are from thredUP [my new favorite online shopping website]. When I picked up this floral pencil skirt a few months ago at Simply Chic [my favorite thrift store EVER], I wasn't too sure about the print. I wasn't sure if I could style it various ways [which is important to me, as I want to stretch my wardrobe], or if I even truly loved the print. 'Cause there has been times when I spot something in the store, only to not be sure if I truly loved it, or if I was more in-love with the brand [since I adore J. Crew]. I tried on several shirts at the store with the skirt and discovered that I truly loved the skirt. So that's my little shopping tip for you. If aren't sure if you really like an item, try styling it several was in-store before spending a dime.   

What shopping/thrifting tips do YOU have?



  1. I love this outfit! It's so girly and spring-y. And that's a great thrift-store shopping tip!

  2. Beautiful outfit! Whew! Those are some awesome thrift store finds!

  3. Wonderful thrifting tip! I do try and imagine in my mind the different articles of clothing in my closet that I could style an item with, though my mind is not always in "closet inventory mode" so-to-speak, haha ;)

    Très Chic outfit, my dear! Such fabulous thrift store finds :)


  4. I love that skirt! How cute (I love thrift store shopping too)!

  5. I love the top & statement necklace pairing! The shapes work together wonderfully.

    One of the best determination factors for me when I am shopping is to try one of my favorite items on again after the rest of the clothing. It helps to separate from it and turn back to it later with almost a fresh perspective - and I usually decide pretty easily based on that second try-on. ;)

  6. This outfit is so sweet! I recently got a LOFT pencil skirt at my local Goodwill with a spring-y water color / floral print on it and I love it. I was reading Redbook this month and they have one of those (this many pieces, this many ways) mixing and matching articles that includes a printed pencil skirt, it has helped me style mine. Looks great with a chambray shirt tucked in or a cardigan tucked in. Check out their website or my pinterest (SimplyAlexandra, fashion inspiration board) for some of the looks! :)

    My thrifting tip, things can be altered! If a dress fits perfectly in the skirt, but you don't like the top, cut it off and give it an elastic band! Now you've got a sweet new skirt! :)

    Also, try on sizes that you aren't sure about. You may not be petite or plus or a size 6, but that doesn't mean it won't fit you like a glove.



    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. Cute outfit!!! The look of lace and floral together is really nice:)

    P.S. What lipstick are you wearing? I am looking for a lipstick in that shade. Could you recommend one?

  8. Cute outfit! I agree with Alexandra's thrifiting tips! If you like it, try it on! Things can be altered to your size and just because a label says a certain size doesn't mean it is accurate. Clothes from thrift stores are usually from a couple of years back, and sizing has changed drastically, thanks to the new "vanity sizing." (Where clothing is tagged with a size way smaller than it actually is.)


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