Friday, March 21, 2014

Sponsors Love | March 2014

We have some fun sponsors for this month on Bramblewood Fashion, that I hope you will check them out. This month I'm going to share a favorite thing from each each website and who they are. 

1. Long Elegant Legs -- A online shopping site that caters to ladies who have longer legs & are on the taller side. They have some really cute dresses and one of my favorites is called, Day to Night Dress [Polka Dot] -- doesn't it just scream Ashley! *smile*  Of course, since it does come down a bit too low for my taste in the front, I would wear a cami underneath for modesty's sake. Easy peasy.

2. Boyer Family Singers Blog -- A charming vintage/fashion/sewing/music blog run by three sisters: Jessica, Brigid, and Charlotte. They sing like the Andrew Sisters, can sew just about anything [their skills amaze me], and their website is very well designed. One of my favorite posts that they have done this month so far was, Princess Show || The Costumes & Getting Into Character. I don't know about you, but I really love Disney movies, so seeing this post featuring them getting to perform as Disney Princesses really thrilled me. You can see videos of them performing here.

3. Young Living Essential Oils -- I'm still learning about using essential oils and how they can help whatever might ail you. Which is why I'm excited to have Mrs. Tanya Duarte to help share about them with us in a future post coming your way soon. As I'm sure she will be wayyy better then me at explaining them to y'all. I did find one product that looked interesting though, the Lavender Mint Daily Conditioner -- which is to help add moisture to your hair, for perhaps your hair is a bit dry after this long cold winter.

Well...that is all of the advertisers for this month. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about them & seeing one of my favorites from each sponsor. Now my question for you, what is your favorite thing/post from our sponsors this month?


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  1. That dress from "Long Elegant Legs" is very Ashley :) Loved the write up you did for me and my sisters! It describes us to the T! Thanks so much, Ashley <3



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