Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Choose the Shoes According to Your Lifestyle

Your feet are both literally and figuratively the foundation of your body and good health. Generally, after you kept your stems hidden in heavy shoes all winter, summer should be seen as an opportunity to let them relax and breathe.

Regardless of the season, in order to maintain the good health of your feet, you should pay great attention to the shoes you choose. What you wear ought to be adjusted to your personal/professional requirements and your health needs, thus maintaining a good balance between comfort and fashion. Selecting an adequate pair of footwear is mandatory if you want to prevent health problems, but most people only pay attention to aesthetics when they go shopping. According to a research originally published in Hello Magazine, 60% of women suffer from foot pain due to high heels, which leads to problems with feet, ankles and back. It is commonly forgotten that every muscle and bone in your body is interlinked to one another; so ignoring one can bring the entire body down.


While many women look forward to the moment they can kick off their formal attire and slide their toes into slippers, others shutter at the idea of retiring their classic pumps or stylish heels. Fortunately, you don’t have to forego fashion in order to order to preserve your podiatric health. Below are some tips that will enable you to celebrate the best of both worlds.

▪ Try not to choose heels that exceed two inches tall, or else the whole body is "pushed" to the front.
Therefore your balls of your feet are constantly under pressure. Your spine is also forced to work overtime to keep the body upright. Shiekh has a selection that exclusively features lesser heights that won’t put a strain on your body.

Yes, we often associate a slender, stiletto stilt as being the sign of sophistication and sexiness, but there are other ways to dress up flats. Bright colors, asymmetrical straps, studs and buckles will spice up any set of footwear.

▪ Pay attention to what material the shoes are made of, as leather is always preferable over vinyl or plastic. Those synthetic materials do not let your skin breathe properly and can even cause injuries to your heels and toes. Be careful, as some textiles might have an appealing aesthetic, but will be extremely stiff and injure your toes.

▪ Take a closer look at the sole of your chosen shoes before you decide to buy them. If it's really hard, your feet will eventually start hurting and you will not be able to stay in them for too long.

▪ Don’t ignore the shape of your foot, specifically the bottoms. If you have collapsed arches (or, the lesser common high arches), you will benefit from specialized footwear. Flat feet can lead to injuries aches up and down your lower body, so find heels or attractive sandals with have firm structural support. Many shoe retailers like Footwear etc. offer specialized brands like Vionic with Orthaheel technology and Superfeet.

▪ Do not force yourself into a pair of shoes. As embarrassing as it might be, take the time to walk around the store for a while to gauge whether or not it is a good fit. If they are not comfortable in those seconds you try them in the store, forget about them! They will never become comfortable, no matter how badly you want them to. To have a more accurate reflection of how the shoes will fit from morning to night, try on the heels at a later hour; our feet naturally swell throughout the day.

Of course, these suggestions are not the sole way to indulge in comfort and style. Share your own experiences and tricks on how you manage to keep your feet healthy and chic.

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  1. Great tips! ("Of course, these suggestions are not the sole way to indulge in comfort and style." Sole suggestion? Sole? Ha!)


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