Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What I Wore | Camel for Spring + Haul Video

I had a girl's day with a friend today. It was fun, considering I had never done one of this alone with a friend, on a weekday. I've done them with a friend & my sisters on the weekend, so it was a fun experience. We went to a grand opening of a new high-end thrift store in Indy. Stopped by at Trader Joe's [since I had to pick up some things for my Mom], Ulta, and Half-Price Books. For lunch we ate at my favorite fast-food burger place, Five Guys: Burger & Fries.
What I'm Wearing
Camel Jumper  -- Banana Republic via thredUP [$6.43]
Skinny Jeans -- Jessica Simpson via Thrift Store [$2.40]
Bloom Necklace -- c/o Swell Caroline
Taupe Handbag -- Relic via Kohl's [gift]
Ankle Booties -- Old Navy [$17]
Watch -- Betseyville via JCPenny [gift]
Bow Ring -- Madewell [gift]
Belt -- Forever 21 [$3.80]

For a day of running errands & hanging out [and babysitting this evening], I decided to keep it classic & simple. I wore my "new" favorite camel jumper with some skinny jeans, added my favorite statement necklace [I didn't do any earrings], some heeled booties, and my neutral taupe handbag. Since my jumper is made out of wool, I didn't have to wear a jacket today [it was in the 60s today], but I did keep my trench coat in my car -- just in case.

The grand opening of the new Clothes Mentor was great! I would have taken pictures of the store, but my hands were filled with a ton of clothes & shoes to try on. Plus it was crazy busy inside the store. Their prices were a little higher than one of my other favorite local high-end thrift stores, but if you know the going rates some of their stuff really wasn't that bad. They did have a ton of Anthro & ModCloth brands in stock, which is awesome! I do recommend that you check their website out & see if they have any stores near you. I'm sure once they have a clearance section, I will love them even more -- as I love clearance racks. *grin*



  1. That is one of my favorite outfits you have posted so far!!:)

  2. This outfit is so cute and classy! I love the neutrals and the statement necklace really pulls it all together.

    walking in the air.

  3. Beautiful necklace! Where did you get it? Also, I love Five Guys, and actually just went there last friday! :D Blessings! Rachel

  4. Clothes Mentor is my favorite place to shop. The ones in our area have twice a year twenty dollar bags sales during which you stuff all you can (from a select portion of stock) into a Kroger bag and pay $20. They also have frequent seasonal sales. I love the brand selection; I can find a lot of silk tops which I love.

  5. I recently thrifted a super nice camel colored sweater and have yet to wear it out. This is a great great outfit! Thanks for the inspiration! And I noticed Target has some necklaces just like this that I've been eyeing! Only hard part is choosing a color! :) haha Love this video.. thrifting hauls are the best and someday I hope to make videos like this too! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. Ugh, i need some cute jeans like that!!

  7. Hey! I nominated you! ---> http://curiousramblingsbychloe.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-sunflower-blogger-award.html

  8. This is so cute! I love the combination of your necklace and sweater!


  9. That is the cutest outfit EVER!!!!! Love that necklace! It adds chunk to it!!


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